Free Tool for Bulk File Share, Upload, Rename via Drag and Drop: Drovp

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Drovp is a free cross-platform tool to perform bulk file operations such as rename, share, upload, encode, optimize images, etc. All you have to do is create a bulk operation profile and then drag-drop a group of files on it to perform the task. All the changes are performed on the input files, and you can create multiple profiles for the same operation but with different options.

Drovp is meant to be a software to do anything. It has an extensible architecture and you can write plugins for it to almost do anything. Right now, it offers some amazing plugins already to perform day to day file tasks and you will like them. You can use it to batch compress images, and for that it uses state of the art tools/utilities underneath. You can use it to upload files to S3 using the corresponding plugin.

This is an open source software as well, and binary builds are available for all the major platforms. You just download it, install plugins, create profiles, and start using it. It supports a queue system and you can halt or pause  certain operation anytime you want. The best part is that the profiles that you create in this software can be exported. You can later import those profiles back in case you format your system or want to use them on some other PC.

Free Software for Bulk File Share, Upload, Rename via Drag and Drop: Drovp

Free Tool for Bulk File Share, Upload, Rename via Drag and Drop: Drovp

Just go ahead and download Dropv from here. After that, just open it up right away and its main UI will show up. Initially, it comes blank, with no plugins and no profiles. Also, it requires some dependencies that it will install automatically when you run it for the first time.

dropv main UI

So, first thing you have to do it install some plugins. For that, go to the Plugins > Registry section. All the supported plugins are shown there. Right now there are limited ones, but in the future there will be more. Here is the complete list of available plugins, and you can install all of them or the ones you want.

  • Run: With this plugin, you can opt to run a single or multiple commands on all the dropped items.
  • Rename: With this plugin, you can bulk rename files using custom templates. Define your template using regular expressions or adding conditions. A little JavaScript knowledge is required in order to use it.
  • Encode: This Dropv plugin can encode images, audio, and video files to common formats.
  • Share: Use it up upload files in bulk. But for now it supports temporary files hosting website for this.
  • Upload: Use it to bulk upload files to Amazon S3 or compatible storage.
  • Optimize: Use this plugin for bulk image compression and optimization. It supports popular libraries for bulk image optimization, such as pngquant, libwebp, gifiscle, and svgo.
  • Media Downloader: With the help of this plugin, Drovp can download media files using
  • Font Generator: Using this plugin, you can generate fonts with optional subsetting. It supports TTF, woff, woff2, eot, SVG, and oft formats.
  • Icon Generator: This plugin lets you generate icons in bulk from PNG and SVG files. The resulting files are of ICO type and supports 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, and 1024 sizes.

dropv Plugins

After installing the plugins, go back to the main UI and then create a profile there. Use the plugin that you want and then give your profile a name.

Dropv Create Profile

Next, use the Options tab to configure the selected plugin for the current profile. Each profile has this tab and using the same tab, you can configure options for other profiles or plugins. Instructions on how to set up a certain plugin are included there already in a separate tab.

Drovp Profile Options

Now, your profile is ready to use. Just drop some files on the profile and the desired operation will be performed on them. You can see the progress as well as the output. All the profiles are pinned on the main home screen of the software as well and you can drop files there as well to perform some action.

Drovp in action

This is the whole process of installing and using Drovp. You can use it in the same way on other platforms as well, and I am sure that it will not disappoint you. This is an open source program and if you are a developer then you can contribute to its development as well. So, create and publish plugins if you can to make this an amazing software for everyone.

Closing thoughts:

Dropv is an incredible tool for everyday users as well programmers & developers. I really liked the concept behind this software and I hope in the coming updates there will be more plugins available for us. It can save you a lot of time as it supports performing actions that usually require an individual tool or software. From its roadmap it appears there will more new features in the next updates as well and I am really excited about them.

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