Pin Individual Settings To Start Menu In Windows 10

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As the freshest and undoubtedly the most awesome Windows release ever, Windows 10 comes with more goodies than you can count. But more than that, it’s the little productivity enhancing tweaks that it boasts, that make a whole lot of difference to the user experience.

One such small, but extremely useful feature lets you pin just about any sub-option in the modern style Settings app to the Start Menu. This can come in extremely handy in situations when there are certain settings that you need to access on a regular basis. Jumping in excitement already? Let’s check out how you can pin individual settings to start menu in Windows 10.

pin individual settings to start menu

How To Pin Individual Settings To Start Menu In Windows 10?

Check out the video embedded below, illustrating how you can pin specific sub-settings to the Start Menu in Windows 10:

Pinning specific settings to the start menu is ridiculously simple, and takes nothing more than a bunch of clicks. Here’s a detailed walkthrough, replete with screenshots, explaining how to get this done:

Step 1: Launch the modern Settings app, and click on, well, any sub-category (That’s because any sub-setting can be pinned to the start menu). As an example, let’s take Personalization.

windows 10 modern settings

Step 2: As it should be, the options relevant to Personalization will be displayed in the left pane, and the selected option’s associated settings would show up on the right. Now, let’s assume you want to pin Themes to the start menu. Simply right click on Themes, and select the Pin to start option that comes up. Here’s a screen grab:

windows 10 pin individual settings to start menu

And we’re all set. The specified setting will be pinned to the Start Menu, with the same tile as the main Settings app. Using this method, you can pin just about any setting to the start menu. Now that, is cool.

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Wrap Up

The ability to pin individual settings to start menu is an incredibly useful feature. Simple and practical, it’s sure to save you a ton of time while accessing your favorite setting(s). Take it for a spin, you’ll be glad you did.

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