Find Current Location of Indian Trains on Google Maps: Rail Radar

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Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

Rail Radar allows users to find location of  Indian Trains on Google Maps. This website shows real time location of most of the popular trains, with a delay of 5 minutes or more.

India has one of  the biggest rail networks in the world. There are about 11,000 trains that operate everyday, which connect nearly 7,500 stations. Generally if anyone wants to enquire about train timings or the delay in timings, they visit the Train Enquiry Website, or use Indian Rail Info, and IRCTC app on mobile. But now this website lets you track your train’s location on a Google map. The train’s location is shown Live!

train location website

Features Of Rail Radar:

Rail Radar provides you with the information of most of the passenger trains operated by Indian Railways. It does not provide information on Goods or Cargo trains.

You just need to open the website in a browser and you can see the train location indicated in small arrows. On the top right you can see how many trains are running and percentage of trains on time and delayed.

Note: If a train is running with a delay of 15 minutes or less, it is shown as “On Time”.

So, let’s quickly go through the features:

  • The train currently running on time are indicated with a Blue Color.
  • The train currently running late are indicated with a Red Color.
  • A thick Yellow Line is indicates route already covered by the train.
  • Dotted Yellow Line indicates the route to be covered by the train.
  • The + symbol on the webpage indicates Zoom in.
  • The – symbol indicates zoom out.
  • There are other symbols also; which are shown in below screenshot.

train location symbols

How To Use Rail Radar To Find Train Location:

Rail Radar is very easy to use. The interface is user friendly and it’s easy to spot your train’s location.

  • You can use the Search tab located on the right side of the web page to search for train number or train name or station name to spot your train; as shown in below screenshot.

train location search

  • To know more information on Rail Radar, click on Information button located below the search button.
  • To know what all the symbols represent, click on Legend button located below the information button.
  • To know the exact geographical location of your train, hover your mouse over the map and point it on an arrow. It displays the details of stations between which the train is running, the train name, and number also.

train location and name

  • Click on the arrow of the desired train and you will find more details about when it started, next halt station, and last status (as shown in below screenshot).

train location details

Indian Railways is the third largest rail network in the world and it would also be efficient if the trains run on schedule. But that’s a little difficult process, so websites like these help users to keep track of their train location and their delay time. Make good use of this website when you want to know a train’s status.

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