Free Automated Testing Tool To Test Web Apps On Multiple Servers

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HttpMaster is a free automated testing tool that lets you create, execute, and test HTTP Requests for web applications against various web servers and monitor response data. It’s a handy and reliable application that allows you to execute internet requests for web applications like web forms, web routers, etc., against various web servers and analyze complete request and response data in detail. HttpMaster automates testing for your web-based projects and helps your in monitoring their behaviour under different circumstances.

HttpMaster implements automated testing in two ways: by allowing you to create and execute basic internet requests, and by allowing you to create an HttpMaster Project to execute advanced internet requests, whose properties can further be customized. This free automated testing tool is capable of executing requests on any web server, regardless of the operating system or platform on which the server is running.

HttpMaster is a completely free software, which can be downloaded from its official website using the link given at the end of this article. After downloading, you can install this free automated testing tool in your system and start using it for automated testing of your web applications against various web server.

httpmaster interface

A Brief Overview of HttpMaster:

HttpMaster is a comprehensive software that not only allows you to test basic internet requests, but also advance requests, which can further be customized.

The basic requests can quickly be created and executed to monitor the response data of your project against different web servers. For this you need to enter the absolute URL of the web page against which you want to execute the request, specify an Http method (GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, etc.), and press F5 or “Enter” to execute the request.

httpmaster basic request

After the request is executed, the results will be displayed in the lower panel, listing tabs containing specific information on headers, request body, response body, and browser view.

httpmaster response data

The second option lets you create an HttpMaster project to execute advanced requests.

httpmaster new project data

Here you can create new projects, enter specific project data including project name, description, file encoding method, etc., request standard or custom headers, and set dynamic parameters to further fine tune the web requests. These projects will be saved to your local disks with “hmpr” extension.

httpmaster project

Apart from that, you can also create and add multiple request items to the project to easily generate internet requests for various web resources. HttpMaster provides multi-tabbed interface to test and view execution results of each request independently.

Key Features of this Free Automated Testing Tool:

  • Free automated testing tool for Windows.
  • Lets you test and monitor the response of your web projects against different web servers.
  • Lets you create, edit, and execute basic as well as advanced internet requests.
  • Displays executions results to inspect http data (headers, response data, request data, duration, size, etc.).
  • Allows creation of HttpMaster Projects with support for request items, global and relative URL paths, static query strings, and dynamic parameters
  • Support multiple encoding options, including ISO-8859-1, UTF-8, and many more.
  • Support Https.
  • Multi-tabbed interface.
  • Displays quick info for particular features.
  • Execute requests on any web server regardless of the operating system or platform on which they are running.
  • Useful tool for automated testing of web applications.
  • Handy and reliable.
  • Help guide available.

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The Final Verdict:

HttpMaster is a nice free automated testing tool to test your web projects for http response on various web servers. It’s handy, flexible, and quite responsive. Download free, try it out, and share your views in comments.

Get HttpMaster here!

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