5 Free Websites To Learn Continental Cuisine

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn continental cuisine. You can learn many different recipes on these websites without paying anything at all.

Basically, the term “Continental food” is used collectively to refer to food items relating to European and East Asian countries. From mayonnaise to soups, from chicken to various vegetarian dishes, they are all clubbed into one group. Thus, for a newbie chef there is a lot to learn when it comes to learning continental cuisine. On the other hand, for the ones sitting on the table in a restaurant, there is a wide variety of dishes on offer. Let us go through these websites so that the chefs at our home can learn something new and feed us with really delicious dishes.

The 5 free websites reviewed in this article are Continental.com, NDTV Cooks, India Parenting, KhanaPakana, and Sanjeevkapoor.com. 



Continental.com is the first website in this list to learn continental cuisine. You can learn a lot of recipes without going through any registration. The Recipes tab on the website shows multiple dishes being divided into categories like Chicken, Fish, Beef, Vegetarian, and more. You can click on the View Recipes option to view the recipes in that particular category. The provided recipes can be printed and emailed to your friends. You can also receive weekly recipes, in your email, by signing up for free newsletter.

Apart from the recipes, the website also has a tab named “Articles”. This tab has a lot of articles from different chefs providing tips on various aspects of cooking. There are also articles on personal experiences of the chefs, and more.

NDTV Cooks:

learn continental cuisine

NDTV Cooks is the second website in this list to learn continental cuisine. The Recipes tab on the website has a category named continental, wherein you will find a lot of continental recipes to learn. All you have to do is click on any of the options available and view the recipe for that particular dish. To its credit, the website provides recipes for a lot of dishes. The recipes are brief and do not provide step by step directions. But, with these written recipes, video lessons have also been attached that you can watch and learn. Lastly, the recipes provided on the website can be printed and emailed to your friends.

India Parenting:

India Parenting

The next website in this list to learn continental cuisine is India Parenting. The website provides recipes across different cuisines and continental cuisine is one of them. The dishes have been divided into sections like Starters, Main Course, Soups, and more. There are recipes for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and there are separate sections for both of them. You will get to see the recipe when you click on any particular list mentioned in these different sections. Details like preparation time and number of people you can serve are also provided, apart from the ingredients and method. However, you cannot print or email these recipes.



The penultimate website is this article to learn continental cuisine is KhanaPakana. This website can serve as a good platform for a beginner chef. The reason I say this is because there are very few number of recipes available on this website. You can view the list of recipes available by clicking on the link provided above. The recipes on the website are provided both in written form and as video tutorials. Instead of providing just the written recipes, the website also provides you with video tutorials for some of the dishes. You can watch these videos and cook alongside, in your kitchen. I just hope that more dishes are added on this website so that more people can benefit from it.



A celebrated Indian chef, Sanjeev Kapoor‘s website is a nice platform to learn continental cuisine. There are lots of dishes on offer and recipes are quite descriptive, explaining each and every step neatly. You can pick up any dish from the continental library on the website, and start reading the recipe. You can also print, email, or review the recipe. You need to have a free account with the website, if you wish to rate and review the recipes. The website not only has recipes for continental dishes, but also for many other cuisines. However, since we are concerned only about continental cuisine in this article, the link provided above will directly take you to the continental section only.

So, one by one, I have introduced you to 5 different free platforms available out there that you can visit to learn continental cuisine. Try out these websites if you love to cook and eat continental dishes, and give us your feedback.

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