5 Auto Refresh Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 Google Chrome auto refresh extensions which you can use to automatically refresh opened websites. All the extensions that we’re gonna mention allow you to set time intervals in which websites are refreshed automatically. One very obvious use for this would be if you’re developing websites, creating HTML from PSD for example.

With auto refresh extensions, you won’t have to click refresh at all, set it to auto refresh every few seconds and changes that you make are gonna be visible right away.

Auto Refresh Plus

chrome auto refresh extensions

As you can see from the screenshot above, this auto refresh extension comes with refresh rate presets (5 , 10 seconds or 1, 5, 15 minutes).

If you want Chrome to refresh a page in a custom interval, there’s that to. Put a check mark next to the input box down below and hit Start. Refresh worked just fine for us.

Get Auto Refresh Plus.

Easy Auto Refresh

chrome auto refresh extensions-4

It might seem to an untrained eye that Easy Auto Refresh is just like all the other auto refresh extensions, but there’s one key difference.

Next to being able to refresh your computer Easy Auto Refresh also allows you to clear cache at every refresh, which is quite useful for the previously mentioned web development, to make sure that cached files aren’t being used to display the website.

Get Easy Auto Refresh.

Super Auto Refresh

chrome auto refresh extensions-5

Super Auto Refresh has very fast setup. It’s has setup that’s quicker even than those of the previously mentioned extensions, and they aren’t overly complicated. That tells you just how fast you can setup website auto refresh with Super Auto Refresh.

Its icon is added to the address bar. Left click on it and select one of the interval presets. That’s it, auto refresh is active. The only drawback is that you cannot set a custom refresh interval.

Get Super Auto Refresh.

Auto Refresh

chrome auto refresh extensions-6

Auto Refresh is also very simple. To set the refresh interval, left click on its top right corner icon and type in the values for minutes and seconds in the usual dropdown menu that shows up.

Once that you click on the Start button, a timer will appear counting down the refresh time. Once the timer goes to 0, website is gonna be refreshed.

Get Auto Refresh.

Auto refresh actual webpage

chrome auto refresh extensions-7

With this extension you can adjust the refresh interval in seconds. To do that right click anywhere on the website and select Auto refresh >> Options (set interval).

Once that you’ve set the refresh interval, right click again and elect Enable refresh. Refresh is gonna be active as long as you have the tab open. As soon as you switch to a different tab, refresh is canceled, and you’re gonna have to activate it again to use it.

Get Auto refresh actual webpage.


From these 5 auto refresh extensions for Chrome, we suggest the Easy Auto Refresn if you’re a web developer, and Auto Refresh if you want simplicity. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, post them in the comment section down below.

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