4 Free PHP IDE For Windows

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Here, is a list of 4 PHP IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) for Windows, available for free.

PHP is a server-side scripting language, available free of cost. It’s a powerful tool for creating dynamic and professional-looking web pages. It provides tons of amazing features and has now become the most-widely used general-purpose scripting language for web development.

PHP IDE is a PHP Integrated Development environment, dedicated towards developing, debugging, and managing PHP files. Generally PHP IDEs are found to be costly, that’s why we have found the best portable free PHP IDEs for you with standard features. Here, we are going to discuss about 4 such free PHP IDEs that provides all comprehensive facilities and tools within a single program to develop dynamic web pages. You may also try Quick PHP reviewed by us.

CodeLobster PHP IDE:

codelobster PHP IDE

CodeLobster is an advanced Integrated Development Environment for all your development needs. It’s a powerful IDE, not only for PHP, but for HTML, CSS, Javascript, and SQL also. CodeLobster is a feature-pack IDE that not just provides normal editing features with code highlighting, but also facilitates automatic code completion, built-in debugging capabilities, context sensitive help, code commenting, code collapsing, and much more.

The built-in debugger provides superb debugging capabilities. It lets you add breakpoints to any part of your code, see variable values during code debugging, and monitor values of certain variables during code execution. Apart from that, the integrated HTML, CSS, Javascript, and SQL Editors also provides very good editing features including code highlighting, pair highlighting, auto-completion, and code collapsing. The SQL Editor lets you connect to any database, and provides various tools to navigate different database objects.

CodeLobster also provides FTP/SFTP support to publish projects on the web. Moreover, you can enhance the features of this free PHP IDE by using additional plugins for various content management software like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. CodeLobster works with all versions of Windows.

Click here to download CodeLobster.


dev-php interface 01

Dev-PHP is a free PHP IDE for developing dynamic web pages using PHP. It has a simple user interface which provides separate sections for coding and accessing parts for your project. It provides a fully featured code editor with syntax highlighting. Apart from that, it provides two Preview tabs; the Internal one allows you to test your components without having to install any external server on your system. The External tab allows you to test your code on an external Web Browser. Dev-PHP can also upload your files to your FTP server.

The best part of using this free PHP IDE is that it can run your PHP code in its own internal web server without the need of installing Apache or IIS on your computer. Dev-PHP is intended for developers and requires a sound knowledge of editing. It is available free of cost and runs on all Windows platform.

Click here to download Dev-PHP IDE.

PHP Designer 2007 Personal:

PHP Designer 2007 interface

PHP Designer 2007 Personal is another free PHP IDE which is loaded with features to provide you an efficient development environment. PHP Designer is more than just a powerful PHP IDE and Editor, it’s an efficient HTML, CSS, SQL, CSS, Javascript Editor, and much more! PHP Designer comes packed with features to provide you an efficient development environment for creating, editing, debugging, analyzing and publishing web applications.

PHP Designer 2007 Personal speeds up your work by facilitating automatic code completion, quick error detection, and advance search and replace options. Apart from that, it allows you to edit files on remote FTP server. It also provides a code snippets library where you can find pre-written code snippets and templates, ready to be inserted in your program. The integrated code explorer provides code completion features and useful code tips. PHP Designer is available free for use and can run on all Windows platform.

Click here to download PHP Designer 2007 Personal.

Davor’s PHP Editor:

davor's php editor interface

Davor’s PHP Editor is another free Integrated Development Environment for PHP programming language. It allows you to create, edit, and manage applications and scripts programmed in PHP. This free PHP IDE provides an integrated editor, a project manager, a file browser, and an internal web page previewer. It also provides support for other scripting languages like HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Davor’s PHP Editor was initially designed for personal use, but has now become a powerful PHP editor. Though it provides a lot of good features like other PHP IDEs, but still lacks some important functionalities like support for debugging PHP scripts or making connections to FTP servers. However, the list of features it provides, makes it a worth using software. It has a simple interface, which provides organized, and limited number of toolbar and menus. It provides superfast syntax highlighting capabilities with large undo buffer and automatic backup of saved files. It lets you quickly type code using auto complete and completion proposal features.

Apart from that, it also provides a code explorer window for quick reference of all variables, classes, and functions in your project files. Davor’s PHP Editor is available as a freeware, and is compatible with all Windows versions.

Click here to download Davor’s PHP Editor.

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