Complete Online Privacy Protection with Spotflux

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Spotflux is an all-in one privacy protection suite which should provide you with complete online protection while browsing the internet. Nowadays even if you open up a seemingly innocent website it will probably place tracking cookies which then keep tabs of what you’re doing online. With Spotflux you can take care of such problems and protect your internet connection with a single application.

Spotflux default window

Spotflux is a clandestine application, which means that there are no classic interface for it. What you see on the image above is everything that you will see from it, Spotflux runs in the system tray as a small green icon, and that’s the only way that it will intrude on your everyday computer usage. There are 4 different ways that Spotflux provides you with protection:

  • Internet connection encryption
  • Malware and Virus protection
  • IP masking, protect your online identity
  • Ad and malicious cookie blocking

Right clicking on the icon will allow you to open up the settings, where various options can be set, but you will not have to configure anything on your own, everything is done automatically after installation.

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Encrypt your internet connection with Spotflux

In order to offer internet connection encryption Spotflux will have to install it’s own network driver and manage all the internet traffic through it’s own network interface or gateway. Don’t be alarmed by messages similar to this one:

Spotflux driver install

during installation, because that’s normal, and it’s not something harmful to your system. Internet connection encryption is important when for example you’re using public WiFi, in which case information that you’re sending out could be intercepted by third parties, prevent that with Spotflux for free.

Malware and Virus protection with Spotflux

Spotflux malware and virus protection also cannot be seen because it is mainly focused on prevention. All the incoming traffic will be monitored and in case that something fishy is contained in the data stream coming your way Spotflux will terminate the connection and warn you about it. You can use Spotflux together with your standard AV programs, which should increase your protection.

Hide your IP and unblock websites

IP filtering is something that causes a lot of headaches to a lot of people. Even YouTube does it, some countries cannot view YouTube videos, and if you want to avoid such problems, install Spotflux and change your IP address.

Spotflux hidding IP

Spotflux offers it’s own proxy service, like you can see from the information seen on the image above, but in the previously mentioned Spotflux settings it’s possible to add your own proxies, even those with authentication which is great for all those who are not satisfied with Spotflux anonymization.

Block ads and malicious cookies with Spotflux

All the traffic that’s being received by your computer will not only be encrypted, scanned for viruses and keep your real identity from third parties, it will also remove annoying website ads and block tracking cookies which are always present on the web. Marketing companies and ad agencies are then using this information in a number of un-noble ways, you prevent that and not only that, all of the things that were previously said with Spotflux, it’s free, so make sure to test it out if you’re worried about your privacy.

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