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Outpost Security Suite is one of the few comprehensive security suites that come with free antivirus, free firewall, free real-time malware protection, free anti-spam, and more. Outpost free security suite provides a comprehensive protection to your PC.

Outpost Security Suite free comes from the makers of Outpost free firewall. This application will protect your computer from malware, spyware, and other PC intrusions. This free security suite uses up-to-date security technology that ensures your system is safe from those out to access your data. A highly effective and fast scanning engine with built-in free antivirus and free anti-spyware software is able to detect any and all foreign or strange files, applications or software on your computer.

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Free Outpost Security Suite scanning option also user’s previous data results to compare and check files and folders. This particular scan function is aptly named “SmartScan”.

Outpost Security Suite

Free Outpost Security Suite features include the following:

  • Fast and thorough scanning – able to detect all known viruses and spyware, malware and Trojans.
  • Records all data abnormalities and reports to the operator.
  • Bit-directional firewall filters inbound as well as outbound data.
  • Quarantines any and all malicious data detected and reports to the user.
  • Guaranteed ongoing protection.

Outpost Security Suite is one of the best free security suite available today. The program will also safeguard your wireless network against eavesdropping as well as internal breeches. The application acts as a kind of invisible guard, analyzing all data like a strict airport immigration officer, checking passports.

All of us fear identity theft, unknown viruses and unauthorized access to our personal information, Outpost free security suite prevents all those nasty things from happening. If you are not convinced that Outpost Security Suite is right for you, check out other applications and compare. The Internet is replete with free software guaranteeing your computer’s security. There are, however, only a few that can deliver on that promise. Another worthy antivirus product is Avast Free.

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There is also the possibility of some free security software causing problems for your computer, however Outpost Security Suite freeware will not cause problems for your system, in fact it may possibly improve your computer’s overall performance. The program runs in the background and will periodically check for strange software or files. Downloading and setting up this application on your computer will give you protection against viruses, malware, and spyware. Download Outpost Security Suite free here.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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