Simulate Guitar Amplifier with ampLion

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ampLion is a guitar amplifier application, who’s purpose is to simulate amplifiers and it does it very well. Today we’re gonna have a look at the free version of ampLion, which isn’t as feature packed as the paid version, but it’s more than enough for those interested in basics of guitar amplification.

ampLion default window

As you can see from the image above, interface of ampLion Free is divided up into three different sections. We have the amplifier boxes at the bottom of the program window, where there are two amps which can be used. On the left side we have the input/output control and preset/quality selection. Above the amplifiers there are buttons for bass, gain, treble, presence and other effects that are important when playing a guitar.

What does ampLion guitar amplifier simulator do exactly

When playing guitars, amplifiers are used in order to amplify the electronic signals coming from an electric or acoustic guitar so that it can be played on a speaker. ampLion will simulate an amplifier so that you can practice your gigs without having an amp. Guitar sound can be modified, even in free version you have effects and other options available to you where you can distort and mix the guitar sound, something similar to what real amplifiers are able to do.

ampLion sound effects

What’s offered in the free version of ampLion amplifier simulator?

With the free version of ampLion you are given the chance to play around with only some of the options that the full version offers. Some of the things that the free version has to offer are:

  • Five channels wide range of genres
  • Presets (smaller number than that of the paid version)
  • Noise-gate with included soft knee
  • Output volume is automatically set
  • Adjustable pickup microphone
  • Two different speaker positions

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How does adjustable pickup microphone work?

Using the adjustable pickup microphone is very easy. To change the position simply drag the scroll-bars which are next to the amps and that will reposition the mic. By repositioning the mic you can get different sound from your guitar.

ampLion mic adjustments

How is the paid version of ampLion better

Well with paid version you get more sound effects, presets and the program interface is expanded with more options. ampLion professional version has more amps, preamps, poweramps, speakers, mics and 30 different effects to choose from. Interface is more intuitive, you get pedal selection racks, effects rack, and Live mode where you can make edits to your music while playing.

Which systems can run ampLion

ampLion can be installed and used on Windows and Mac, sadly there is no Linux port for this guitar amp simulator. Since we are here talking about audio processing, it would be a good idea that you have a computer which is slightly more powerful, so that there’s no problems with lagging. For better overview of the panels, especially if you’re using paid version it would be better to use a higher resolution, since the paid version has much larger selection of options. A lot of guitar players say that ampLion is the best, try the free version and see for yourself if they’re lying.

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