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Aero QLaunch Bar is a free software to install Windows Quick Launch Toolbar on your PC. If you have Windows 7 or the elite Windows 8 installed over your PC, then this launching toolbar is the right thing for you. Your icons will bear a 3D look and enhances the look of the Desktop. Aero QLaunch Toolbar not only converts the desktop into a visual treat but allows you to launch several programs instantly. You can even resize the icons and make them appear or disappear at your behest.

Aero QLaunch toolbar shot

The Windows Launch Toolbar is customizable. You might not find  flaws with the presentation but what spoils the party, is that Aero QLaunch can be installed over systems which have Windows 7 or higher configuration over them. Moreover, it requires a DirectX version which can be quite heavy on the system.

Features of Windows Quick Launch Toolbar, Aero QLaunch Toolbar:

  • Ease of Access, you can reach the desired program with considerable ease on Windows Quick Launch Toolbar.
  • 3D presentation of Icons gives the Desktop a Futuristic Feel.
  • Add Shortcuts easily, you can add shortcuts on the Windows Toolbar without jeopardizing the settings.
  • Extensive Customization allowed, you can customize Aero QLaunch Bar to your preferences.
  • Free Windows Quick Launch Toolbar.
  • Simple to install and use Aero QLaunch Toolbar.
  • Fast, the launch of a program is a tad faster.
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How to Download and Install Aero QLaunch Toolbar:

  • Go to the Homepage.
  • Scroll down to the Downloads Section. Download the version according to your preferences and system configuration.
  • You would need to install the latest version of DirectX for this toolbar to work.
  • Launch the Toolbar software.
  • After installing the Windows Quick Toolbar Launcher. Right click on Windows Task Bar.
  • From the menu choose Toobars and then click on QLaunch. This will activate the Aero QLaunch toolbar.
  • Now you will start seeing a “Q” sign like shown below next to your system tray.

Aero QLaunch

  • Clicking on this icon will open up the 3D toolbar for you. Right click on the icon and you can play around with the settings, increase or decrease size of the toolbar icons, etc.

Aero QLaunch toolbar

Windows Quick Launch Toolbar quickens and eases the launch of important programs over your system. Download Quick Launch Toolbar Free.

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Works With: Windows 7 and higher
Free/Paid: Free

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