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OldBar is a free Windows Toolbar software. The old Windows Toolbar got junked during the launch of Windows 7. For users who still want the Windows Toolbar over their PC, OldBar is a free software which installs the old Windows Toolbar over your Desktop. There is a Desktop Toolbar for Windows 7, but not everybody is comfortable with it. The buttons in OldBar have their name besides the icon, which makes it easier to recognize what has been installed over the toolbar. After docking, you can easily launch your desirable program.

Olbar Windows Toolbar

Though OldBar is not a much-needed toolbar, but it is for those Windows Loyalists who have used Windows Toolbar all their lives. Since, everybody isn’t adaptable to new interfaces, OldBar comes as a relief. Oldbar is as delightful as a well matured Cognac.

How Old Windows Toolbar Works:

There are many ways you can customize the Windows Toolbar. Just Drag and Drop the programs you want, or change the position of the toolbar by right clicking on the toolbar. There are five ways you can customize the toolbar:

  • Folder Customization, Change the location of the folder as per your preference.
  • Attach lets you position your Windows Toolbar on the top, bottom, left or right. you can also unlock the toolbar for random placement.
  • Buttons Layout, you can play around the buttons layout by changing the order of preference.
  • Settings, you can change the settings to your preferences. Change the size of the buttons or rework the interface and the panel.

Windows Toolbar Oldbar Settings

Features of Old Windows Toolbar Oldbar:

  • Free, the windows toolbar is free to install.
  • Windows Toolbar is simple to download and install .
  • Easy Docking on the toolbar.
  • Name of the program alongside the icon, so you can easily recognize the programs docked on the toolbar.
  • Portable on Desktop, paste it on top, right, left or bottom of the desktop

How to Download and Install Old Windows Toolbar:

  • Visit the OldBar Homepage.
  • Click on the link embedded.
  • Then you are transported to a port with the download button. Click on Download.
You can add other toolbar like RocketDock or Facebook Toolbar.

OldBar is a free installation software for Windows Toolbar. Download OldBar Free.

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Works With: Windows 7
Free/Paid: Free

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