Quanp Send: Send Large Files up to 500 MB by Email

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Quanp Send is a free large file sharing application from Quanp, that can send large files by mail. Quanp Send comes packed with a set of features that facilitates easy file transfer. You can transfer file up to 500 MB in size with Quanp Send.

Update: (July 06, 2013) The app is no longer available. You can instead check out Transferbigfiles.com.

Quanp file provides a true one click drag and drop file transfer. When you install Quanp Send on your PC, it shows up as an icon on your desktop. To send large file in email, you just need to drag and drop that file on this icon, and you are done.

Quanp Send

When you drop file on Quanp Send gadget, you are prompted to provide email address of your recipient. Once file transfer is complete, an email is sent to that recipient with a link to that file. Clicking on that link starts the file download for the recipient. File is available for download up to 7 days, and can be download up to 5 times by that recipient. This limitation ensures that Quanp is used for sharing files with only a limited number of people, and not as a file sharing service.

Also check out other large file transfer services, with our favorite one being Ge.tt.

Some of the interesting features of Quanp Send are:

  • Large file Transfer Utility: Quanp Send allows the user to send large files, anytime directly from the desktop. Multiple files can be sent simultaneously by just drag and drop. The size limit for such transfers is as huge as 500 MB, which is ample enough for sending even large files. Additionally the user can also send files to as many as 20 different recipients simultaneously.
  • Intuitive Interface: The interface of the desktop widget has been designed for convenience. The drag and drop feature, simple animations etc., makes this widget user- friendly.
  • Automatic backup: The files that the user sends using Quanp send are saved on the Quanp account of the user. It acts as an automatic backup of the files that was sent, apart from acting as a log for the history of sent files. So the user need not separately choose to save his files on his account as a backup, which is handy.
  • Customization options: The user can change the appearance of the Quanp desktop Widget by choosing from the list of designs, themes and animations that are available.

All these features make Quanp send a great widget for quickly and easily file transfer. For a P2P like service, you can try iSendr, or Gigatribe.

System Requirements:

Quanp Desktop Widget requires Flash version 9.2 or higher version installed along with Adobe AIR. This widget can be used on various Operating systems including  Windows and Mac version 10.5.1 or later. Download Quanp Send free here.

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Works With: Windows, Mac
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