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Quanp is a free online application to upload, archive and share files. Quanp comes with loads of features like multiple file format support, maintaining galleries, file sharing with guests and much more. Quanp provides 10 GB of free online space for storing your files and photos online. Of course, there are many unlimited photo storage websites, but what sets Quanp apart is that you can store other files also, apart from just photos. Apart from that, Quanp does not puts any restriction on file size, so you can upload as big a file as you want, as long as it fits within your 10 GB of free online space.

Update (1-Sep-2012): This service has been shut down. You can instead try Dropbox.

Digital collection of photos , music and documents, PDF and other files can be seamlessly uploaded on to your personal account and can be shared with as many people as you want. Quanp has a list of options coming with it, some of them being, previewing , automatic uploading, privacy level options, desktop applications, web applications, iPhone apps and so on.

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Quanp also comes with an easy to use free desktop app that lets you upload all your files in just 1 click. The desktop client also provides a 3D view of your photo gallery. See screenshot below:


Features of Quanp:

Multi-platform service:

Quanp is capable of being accessed on multiple platforms. Quanp has customized applications for iPhone, web browser application service for different Operating systems like Windows, Mac etc., and desktop widget applications for Windows and Mac. So Quanp provides a number of service options for the user.

Great Storage space:

Quanp service offers the user a massive storage space of up to 10GB that can hold a huge chunk of your personal digital data.


Quanp allows to create a private storage space for the user and share the files and collections with friends and relatives. One can choose what content to share and who can view the shared content. Additionally the user can allow the other users to edit, tag and comment on the files that he has uploaded. That is the files can be edited by other user who have access to the collection along with a Quanp ID.

  • Member Share: The collections can be made to be accessed by those friends of the user who have a valid Quanp ID. The user has a complete control of what is being shared. Setting up privacy levels for the sharing and an option to edit the files in the collection is also available .
  • Guest Share: An added, unique feature of Quanp is that it allows even those who  have Quanp ID to access the files. This is done with the help of a temporary Guest pass.

3 dimensional viewing in gallery:

Quanp apart from allowing to upload files, enables the user to view the uploaded files in 3D in the gallery.

File sending options:

The user can also send files using the Quanp service. The recipients can be even those who do not have a Quanp ID. As much as 500MB can be sent using this mode of file transfer. The user can send as many as 30 files to a maximum of 20 recipients using this file transfer feature.

Text search:

Quanp has an intuitive feature of allowing the user to perform a text search. This feature allows the user to search for specific pieces of textual content in the documents that have been uploaded in a collection. Therefore the user need not keep browsing through each and every one of them to find a specific information.

Unmatched Security:

Quanp promises a high security when you upload files. The data that the user uploads is encrypted using Secure Socket layer(SSL) encryption, with a 128 bit key Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The data center that is being used to store the uploaded files is of tier-3 level and is highly secure.

Preview: Quanp provides options to preview the images, documents, even PDF and Powerpoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Photoshop files etc., in a 3D view.

Automatic Upload: The user can upload files from specific folders of the PC using the Desktop application. Quanp also provides the facility to load a file of any file format and size.

Additionally Quanp provides a list of plug-ins and add ons for applications like Microsoft Office. It allows the user to have a slide show of the files on any desktop.

The unmatched features, intuitive interface and security makes Quanp service, a great application to archive your digital collections and sharing them. Download Quanp free here.

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