Intel Driver Update Utility Wireless: Automatically Find Device Drivers

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Intel Driver Update Utility Wireless is a free online driver update checker for Windows which you can use in order to check for existence of new driver updates for your Intel based hardware. Everything runs from inside the web browser, and the only thing that you need to do in order to check and see if there might be better drivers for your hardware would be to open up the website and click on the “check” button on it.

The new/better driver checker runs entirely on the website, there’s just a couple of components that you have to install on the system where the check is performed. These are ActiveX components that have to be installed so it’s best that you run the test using Internet Explorer, instead of any other web browser. Test is very easy and it only took a few seconds for me to see results.

Intel Wireless Test default window

With the Intel Driver Update Utility Wireless your computer is gonna be scanned for any new hardware and adapters which doesn’t have proper drivers installed, or which has newer drivers available which might improve the performance.

Key features of Intel Driver Update Utility Wireless are:

  • Free and simple to use: easily perform scan online in just a few clicks
  • Works best with Internet Explorer: requires installation of ActiveX
  • Driver update notifier: scans your computer for driver updates
  • Works with Windows: all modern versions if the plugin are available

Also check out other software to find device drivers.

How to Use Intel Driver Update Utility Wireless:

Simply open up the website by following the link that we gave down below and click on the “Check your system for updates” to start the test, see image above. Clicking on that button is gonna start the additional component installs for the checker.

Intel Wireless test finished

When the scan finishes you’re gonna see a report that tells you about the detected products, current driver that you have installed and of course any new possible updates that you might install and apply so that you wireless functions even better. Very simple.


Intel Driver Update Utility Wireless is a great way how you can make sure that you’re running the absolute best possible drivers for your Intel based hardware. Give it a try and see how it goes. You can benefit if you’re both recovering from a Windows re-format or if you would just like to see if there’s a driver update for the hardware you’re using. Free.

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Works With: Web Based, Windows
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