BMW PACE: Free Car Racing Game Online

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BMW PACE is a free car racing game to play online. Play this story based car racing game online and travel from Lisbon To Prag; using three different BMW Cars.

BMW, one of the best Car manufacturer, has designed this online game named BMW PACE. PACE means Pursuit Across Europe. In this online car racing game, you can play both single race and multiplayer. You can drive in any one of the 3 different BMW cars from Lisbon to Prag. In between you have to complete some challenges and gain credits; to buy and upgrade cars.

BMW PACE, A Free Car Racing Game Online:

Play this pursuit racing game online; using three different BMW cars. You can upgrade your car and buy new cars, depending on the credits you earn, by completing stages in single player mode. This game has both single and multiplayer mode.

As soon as you open the game, you have to choose from: single player or multiplayer. Register in the website to access the multiplayer mode and to play single player mode from second stages (the first one is open for anyone).

car racing game online BMW PACE

Single player:

In single player mode, you have to travel from Lisbon to Prag. In between you have to complete 15 different challenges to reach your destination. You have to race on plain roads & deadly roads, night & day, single race & competition, etc. One thing is always common, you have to drive fast.

When you choose single player, you will be given a small description and the game starts. After completing the first stage, you will be shown the credits you have earned and the time you have taken to complete the race. After completing every stage, you will earn credits depending on your performance. Click on the Menu option and choose Store or Garage option. In store you can purchase BMW cars depending on the credits you have earned and you can also buy upgrades for the cars that you own, to increase the performance. In Garage, you can change the: steering, suspension, and wheel base properties of the car’s that you own. In The Journey section you can view the map and progress of your journey. So, keep completing stages, earn credits, and reach your destination.


In multiplayer mode you can: request a challenge, open challenges, and view completed challenges. In request a challenge, complete a track in your best time and challenge others and earn credits for challenges. In open challenges, you can compete with others previously completed races. In completed challenges, you can view the challenges that you have finished and the credits you have earned or lost.

bmw pace

BMW Pace is another good racing game for BMW fans. The voice, sound effects, and graphics are very nice. You can also play another PC game to drive the BMW M3 car and have a realistic experience of driving.

Click here to Play BMW Pace.

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