Maintain And Know Your Daily Routine: Routine Tap

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Update 2022: This service no longer exists. Try some other alternative now.

Routine Tap is a free web application that gives a report on your daily routine. This web application helps you to maintain your daily routine and displays a report of it at the end of the month. Just select an appropriate question and maintain every day’s  record by giving answers to your question created on daily basis. At the end of the month see the result in the form of graphs and pie chart. By this you will be able to see the progress which you have done and what are the deficiencies which you can fulfill. Track routine with this great Routine Tap application. In addition as it is a web application, it works online with a small sign up. Before getting access with Routine Tap, you need to sign up with it. It needs a sign up so as to maintain your record separately from other users.

Routine Tap

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Some Key Features Of Routine Tap To Maintain Daily Routine:

  • Maintain your daily routine with Routine Tap.
  • Create your own questions and answers.
  • Select from multiple question formats.

Routine Tap Question Formats

  • Maintain record through small sign up.
  • Add multiple questions and their answers.

Routine Tap Adding Questions

  • Provides calendar on the home after getting logged in.
  • Easy option available right on the home page.
  • Answer the questions day wise and also date wise.
  • You can edit your account details anytime.
  • Delete any question added.
  • Check reports at the end of the month or anytime whenever you want to check.

Routine Tap Reports

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Just visit Routine Tap and know your daily routine status explained on a graph or a pie chart. Make improvements in your daily routine by knowing where you lack by Routine Tap reports. Add questions related to your daily routine and track routine with the result of knowing your weak points.

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