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Amazon MarketPlace Fee and Profit Calculator is a free online Amazon Fee calculator to calculate fee on Amazon Marketplace. Just visit this website and sell or buy products for profit.

Whenever you sell something on Amazon Marketplace, you have to pay a fee to Amazon. This free calculator lets you specify Product Type, Shipping method, Cost to Ship, Cost to aquire, Weight, sales price, and shipping credit. It will then show you the Proceeds and Cost Price.

amazon fee calculator

How To Use Amazon Fee Calculator:

This online Amazon fee calculator is very easy to use. As shown in above screen shot, we can edit all the values and input the value of desired profit also.

The product types available are: Automative parts, baby products, beauty, books, camera, cell phones, clothing, luggage, collectible books, consumer electronics, DVD, entertainment collectibles, grocery, gourmet food, health, personal care, industrial, scientific, jewelry, kindle accessories, kitchen, motorcycles, gear, music, musical instruments, office products, personal computer, shoes, software, video games, sports, tools, toys, unlocked cellphones, video, video game consoles, watches, and any other products. The shipping methods are: Domestic Standard, Domestic Expedited, Two Day Domestic, One Day Domestic, Standard International, and Expedited International. You can also opt for pro merchant subscriber and calculate the cost and proceeds.

After you enter all the values, click on Calculate option. You can see the results of Proceeds in terms of sales price you have entered. You can also see the Cost, Amazon fees, Referral fee, Variable Closing fee, Fixed closing fee, and Effective fee percentage as shown in below screenshot.

amazon fee calculator proceeds

Note: This website also shows how much should be the minimum sale price to make profit that you want.

You can also see a bar graph, by clicking on breakdown option. This graph shows various parameters like proceeds, cost, net profit vs money in dollars. In this graph, just hover your mouse over the graph to see the corresponding values as shown in below screenshot.

amazon fee calculator graph

This Amazon fee calculator is easy and good to use. The fees of Amazon are also updated frequently. You can also check my other reviews on Paypal fee calculator, and eBay fee calculator.

Check out Amazon MarketPlace and Profit Calculator free.

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