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PayPal Fee Calculator is a free online Paypal fee calculator. This is a quite simple to use calculator that lets you easily calculate how much Paypal fee would be charged on your transaction. For example, if you send $50 t0 someone, it will show you that actually how much money will that person receive.

Another useful feature of this online Paypal fee calculator is that it also tells you how much money you should request from someone if you want to receive a specified amount. For example, if you want to receive $50 after Paypal fee deduction, you can calculate how much money you should request.

paypal fee

This might seem trivial, but this is quite useful. I normally send payment to one of my vendor for whom I bear the Paypal fee, and it becomes quite tricky for me to estimate the extra amount that I should send to cover the fee. This free online Paypal calculator will solve the problem for me. Also check out online amortization schedule calculator, and mortgage calculator.

This Paypal fee calculator also lets you calculate Paypal fee if you are sending payment to some other country.

Check out this free calculator. [via Ampercent]

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