5 Free Car Websites To Get Latest News About Cars

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Here is a list of 5 free car websites that allows car lovers to get latest news about the automobile sector and stay updated about latest cars in the market. The websites allow you to read expert reviews about different cars, best cars of the last year, cars that performed below expectations and more. You can also read featured articles on the newly arrived cars in the global market and search cars by brand. Lastly, you can also see pictures, videos of cars and various car shows going around the world.

The free car websites that I have reviewed in this article are Motor Authority, Motor Trend, Best Cars, Left Lane, and Autoweek.

Motor Authority:

Motor Authority-car websites-home page

First in the list of free car websites is Motor Authority. The website has a very creative interface and you can read all the news related to cars on the home page itself. There are articles written by experts on various car models, their accessories and many more. There are different tabs under which you can read different things. In the reviews tab, you can read reviews about the latest and the most popular cars. You can even filter your search by selecting a particular brand and model. One very interesting tab on this website is Spy shot. In this tab you can watch videos of different cars recorded while testing. These videos give you a very clear view of the performance of that car. You can access all these and other features of the website without creating any account.

Try Motor Authority here.

Motor Trend:

Motor Trend-car websites-home page

Motor Trend is second in this list of free car websites. This website also carries all the basic features in a car website like expert reviews on latest cars, car of the year, and more. You can read reviews by experts on the home page of the website. The website lists reviews of all the latest cars on top of the page and you can click on the image to read about them. There is also a separate tab for reviews on new cars. You can select a particular brand and model of a car, to read about it. The website also has an Auto shows tab. In this tab, you can read reports on various auto shows that took place around the world. The experts let you know about the cars that were launched in these shows, the cars they liked and many more. Finally, the website allows you to create a free account to take part in conversations with experts and receive notifications.

Try Motor Trend here.

Best Cars:

Best Cars-car websites-home page

Third in the list of car websites is Best Cars. This is a very simple car website with an average interface. The interface is not that beautiful, like in some other similar websites. But, the website is quite helpful in all the information that it provides. You can read the reviews of new cars along with their price. You can pick up the car of your choice and read about it. You can also view ranking lists on this website. The website provides a ranking list of cars in various categories like Sedan, SUV and more. Further, you can also see an award list of the cars. The website takes out its own list of best cars, in which experts list award-winning cars, according to their performance. This website is a useful source if you want to have a look at how all the cars are performing out there.

Try Best Cars here.

Left Lane:

Left Lane-car websites-home page

Next up, in this list of car websites, is Left Lane. The website lists all the latest stories about cars and its reviews on the home page, for you to read. The website also covers reviews on topics like companies recalling certain models due to technical glitches and more. Along with it, there is also a navigation bar on top of the home page; it contains links for latest news in the automobile sector. You can click on them and read about various events and items. The most important feature in this website is its Future cars tab. The website provides you a list of cars that are due to arrive in future and also lists all the available information of these cars. This information can prove to be useful as you can plan your car purchase accordingly.

Try Left Lane here.


Autoweek-car websites-home page

The last website, in this list of free car websites, is Autoweek. If you like to stay updated about the racing world and their cars, then this website is surely the place. Along with the family cars, Sedans, SUVs, this website widens its reach and covers racing arena as well. You can read about various events taking place in different racing circles, the racing cars going through transformation and more. The website also covers articles on popular car auctions taking place around the world, car rallies about to happen etc. All this is available for you alongside the expert reviews on latest cars coming up in the market. Finally, the website also covers popular Auto shows around the world and you can see lots of photos and videos.

Try Autoweek here.

To summarize, all these above mentioned car websites provide you all the information of the automobile world. From latest cars coming up to sale of vintage & used cars, you can find it all on these websites. You can try them out and give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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