Get Phone Call Alert When Stock Price of Any Company Drops

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This tutorial explains how to get a phone call alert when stock price of any company drops. You can now easily get phone calls as notifications when the current stock price of any specific company drops. You can manually choose which company ticker you want to monitor and get phone call alerts for the price drop. It is actually possible with “IFTTT VoIP Calls“. It is a new service added in IFTTT which can make phone calls to you in response to various triggers like iOS Reminders, Google Calendar Event, etc.

So, you can also use this service to easily create an IFTTT applet and get phone call notifications when the stock price drops. The applet can be created by connecting “Stocks” and “VoIP Calls” services. We have already covered how to get phone calls when the stock price rises for any company, but if you want the same for price drop then this tutorial will help you with that.

Note: The official IFTTT app must be installed on your phone for getting VoIP phone calls.

How to Get Phone Call Alert When Stock Price of Any Company Drops:

Step 1: After opening IFTTT, navigate to “My Applets” and click on the New Applet button. Now, select “Stocks” as the applet trigger service. Once you do that, you will see all the available triggers from which you need to select “Price Drops Below” as the applet trigger.

Step 2: When you have selected the trigger, the “Trigger Fields” window will appear where it will ask you to enter the company ticker and the stock price. So, you can enter any company ticker you want IFTTT to monitor for price drops. After that, you would also need to enter any stock price of the selected ticker above which you want to get phone call notifications.

Step 3: Then you can proceed and save the trigger by clicking on “Create Trigger”. When you do that, you can simply select “VoIP Calls” as the applet action service. After that, you will see an action named “Call My Device” which you need to choose as the applet action.

Step 4: After selecting the applet action, it will ask you to complete some action fields. Actually, it will allow you to set the voice message for the phone call notification. Here, you will be able to add various parameters like Stock Ticker, Stock Name, Check Time, Price, and more to the voice message.

Step 5: When you’re done with editing the voice message, simply save the applet action. After that, you can go ahead and activate the applet. Now, whenever the stock price of the selected company ticker drops, you will receive a VoIP phone call on your phone. After you accept the phone call, you will listen to the same voice message which you have set in the above step.

Closing Words:

The IFTTT VoIP Calls make it very easy for you to get notified via phone calls when the stock price of any company drops. Personally, I like it because getting phone call notifications is no doubt better than getting popup notifications. Apart from that, you also don’t need to download and install heavy stock ticker software to only see the price drop.

Try IFTTT VoIP Calls from here.

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