How to Get Phone Call Notification on Android for iOS Reminders

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This tutorial covers how to get phone call notification on Android for iOS Reminders. If you use both Android and iPhone, then you can now get notifications for iOS reminders on Android. You can do that by creating an applet on IFTTT. To create the applet, you would need to connect “iOS Reminders” and “VoIP Calls” by configuring a trigger and an action in response. After that, each time any reminder is completed on your iOS device, you will get a VoIP phone call on your Android device.

But, there is a catch as you would need to have the IFTTT app installed on both your Android and iPhone. In addition to that, you must login with the same IFTTT account on both your devices. If you do so, then you will be all set to start receiving phone call notification on Android for iOS reminders.

How to Get Phone Call Reminder on Android for iOS Reminders:

Step 1: The first thing you would need to do is login to IFTTT and go to “My Applets”. There you will see a “New Applet” button which you need to click to start creating the applet. In the first step of the applet, you would need to select a trigger service. For this, type “ios reminder” in the search bar and then choose “iOS Reminders”.

Step 2: Once you’re done with selecting the trigger service, you will see all the associated triggers like Add New Reminder, Any Reminder Completed, New Reminder Added to List, etc. Now, to get phone call notification on Android for iOS Reminders, you would need to select the “Any Reminder Completed” as the trigger.

Step 3: Once you have configured the applet trigger, you can go ahead and set the action. For this, you would need to select “VoIP Calls” and “Call my device” as the action service and action in response respectively.

Step 4: When you do that, you would need to set the voice message by completing the action fields. You can add different elements to the voice message like Title, Notes, List, Priority, etc. After you add the elements and edit the voice message, you can click on the “Create Action” button to complete the applet.

Step 5: As soon as you’re done with the applet, you can simply enable it to get phone call notification for iOS Reminders. Now, when any reminder on your iPhone is complete, you will receive a VoIP audio call on your Android phone. For this, make sure you have the IFTTT app installed on both devices and you’re signed in with the same IFTTT account.

Closing Words:

If you have been looking for a way to get notified on your Android for all the completed iOS reminders, then the method explained in this post can be helpful. The “VoIP Calls” support in IFTTT makes it a cakewalk for you to get phone call notifications. Go ahead and try it out, it’s fun and useful as well.

Try “VoIP Calls” in IFTTT here.

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