Free iPad Arcade Game to Test Reaction Time

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Linebound – Life on the Line is a free iPad arcade game to test your reaction time as well as to check how far you can go. The game is a little like Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, etc.. but with a different interface and feel. As the name of the game is Life on the Line so it indicates that you have to be on the line to continue with your life.

Since the game is an endless running, so you need to run as far as you can while avoiding the obstacles that come your way. The game includes hearts, using which you can continue from the point where your player dies last time. The twist is that these hearts are limited in number and you need to accumulate a specific number of points to gain new ones. The game also includes a Multiplayer mode and Game Center integration for the leaderboard ranking.

Playing Linebound

Gameplay of this iPad Arcade Game to Test Reaction Time:

The gameplay of the game is simple but challenging. In the game, you have to guide a line to go as far as possible, while following a path given on the screen. While following the path, you will face the obstacles which you have to avoid. Since your main aim is to keep the line in the center and hence the name of the game “Linebound – Life on the Line”.

On launching the Linebound iPad arcade game, you will see the home screen of the app as shown in the screenshot below. You can see the two modes: Single and Multiplayer.

Linebound Welcome Screen

Tap on Single option to get the interface shown in the screenshot below. You can see there is the path which you have to make the glowing line to follow. Tap once on the screen to start the game. When the game starts, the line will move ahead automatically and you don’t need to anything unless the obstacle comes. Even if the path has turns, the glowing line will take the turn on its own.

Touch to Start

When the obstacle comes in the path, you need to move the line to left or right depending on the obstacle. You can see that the path is dividing the iPad screen in two parts: Left and Right. You have tap and hold on the corresponding part to move the line in that direction. Do remember that the line will again come to center just when you release your finger.

Avoid Obstacles

While playing the game, you will also come across some glowing dots which you need to collect as much as you can. The process for collecting them is also similar, tap on left or right side. This way, follow the path, try to be in the center, avoid obstacles, and collect dots.

Collect Dots

You need to have best possible reaction time to go further in the game and to make a high score. When the game gets over, you will get a chance to resume the game. The total number of chances depends on the number of hearts. Whenever you choose to resume, one heart is lost.

Resume Game

If you don’t resume or you have no heart, then the game gets over and you will see the current score as well as high score. Below the score, you can see the progress bar showing the points you need to collect to get more hearts.

Game Over

Final Verdict:

Linebound is an interesting and challenging iPad arcade game. I really enjoyed playing the game and the obstacles makes it really fun to play it. Although I couldn’t test the multiplayer mode, but I am pretty sure that it would be even more fun to play against your friends.

Get Linebound here.

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Works With: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
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