5 Video Chat Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 video chat extensions for Google Chrome which you can use to have video chat sessions inside Google Chrome. Video chats that we’re talking about here can for example be setup with you and your Facebook friends or with random strangers, something similar to what Chatroulette has to offer.

Client extensions for some of the popular video chat services like Skype, MSN, Google Talk and so on are also available and can be used with Chrome. Let’s start.

Video Chat Rounds

google chrome video chat extensions

Video Chat Rounds is a video chat app that connects with Facebook and allows you to have fun with your Facebook friends or with random strangers. The random stranger mode is where you’re connected with random people that use Video Chat Rounds.

This app is similar to Chatroulette, but more advanced or in other words with more features. You can play games, share videos and images, add web camera effects and more. To use the app you’ll have to allow it access to your Facebook account.

Get Video Chat Rounds.


google chrome video chat extensions 1

Barc is a great way how you can get in touch, via text or video chat, with people who are visiting your website if you’re a website owner, but anyone can use it, not just website owners.

The only two things that you and other people who you want participating in chat need to do is have the same website open and of course have the Barc video chat extension installed. After clicking on its icon, all the people who have the website open and Barc installed are gonna be detected and you’ll be able to chat with them. It’s a great extension for meeting new people, getting in touch with your audience or even providing live support.

Get Barc.

Messenger for LinkedIn™

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If you ever wanted to have a video chat with connections on your LinkedIn account, you can do that with the Messenger for LinkedIn extensions.

You’ll of course have to give it access to your LinkedIn account and after that when you click on it’s top right corner icon, a messenger window will pop-up where you can see who from your friends list is online, and able to chat. From that point on you just need to double click on the name of the person with whom you want to chat and that’s it.

Get Messenger for LinkedIn™.

Bistri Video Chat

google chrome video chat extensions 3

Bistri Video Chat is video chat app that lets you connect with contacts from several existing IM networks.

Some of the supported ones include Facebook, Google Plus, Windows Live, Yahoo, Jabber, etc. Its own video chat service is also available.

Get Bistri Video Chat.

Simple Peer to Peer Video Chat

google chrome video chat extensions 4

If you’re interested in simplicity then Simple Peer to Peer Video Chat is for you.

There are no registrations, you just need to run the app, type in a video chat room name and then give the access information to friends that you want joining you for a chat. It’s that simple.

Get Simple Peer to Peer Video Chat.


If you don’t want something overly complicated, we suggest that you give Simple Peer to Peer Video Chat a try. Bistri Video Chat is also very useful. Try them and let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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