5 Random Number Generator Extensions for Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 random number generator extensions for Google Chrome which you can use to generate random numbers in just a few mouse clicks. Creating random numbers is useful when you need to create strong passwords or pins. It’s a good idea that you don’t use your DOB, current date or the infamous “1234” as your password because when someone tries to access your account that’s the first things they will try. Generating a random number for your password is much more safer.

Lets look at the Chrome extensions we found for you in the webstore.


random number generator extensions google chrome

By installing Themis you get a highly customizable random number list generator that lets you generate all kinds of numbers in various different formats.

Notice the settings above the “generate” button. You can set the list length (how many random numbers it’s gonna have), numbers between which the numbers are gonna be selected and lastly you can configure separators. Upon hitting the “generate” button, list is generated down below.

Get Themis.

Form Filler

random number generator extensions google chrome-1

Form Filler isn’t a random number generator like Themis. It’s much more advanced and it operates completely differently from the previously mentioned random number generator extension.

Form Filler will fill entire forms automatically for you, and one of the things that it can do is generate random numbers for passwords. Open up the extension config screen to setup what kind of number is gonna be generated. When you need a random number just right click on the input field and select the Form Filler option from the right click context menu.

Get Form Filler.

Random number generator

random number generator extensions google chrome-2

Random number generator is a full fledged random number generator app that lets you configure to a large degree how the generated numbers will look like.

Here you can also configure output formatting, ranges between which numbers are generated and even the numerical system (decimal, hex, octal, binary). When everything’s setup, click on Generate button and you’ll be presented with a list of random numbers.

Get Random number generator.

Lucky Number Generator

random number generator extensions google chrome-3

Lucky Number Generator is a random number generator app for those who are interested in playing the lottery, for example.

It will generate up to 9 random numbers. Generator has 2 separate ranges that you can set. Numbers that are generated are showed down below, underneath the “Generate Your Lucky Numbers”. They are perfect for the lottery for example.

Get Lucky Number Generator.

Lotto number generator

random number generator extensions google chrome-5

Here’s another random number generator that’s designed specifically for generating lottery numbers.

You can generate up to 10 numbers plus optionally a bonus number. Numbers can be between 1 and 99. It’s possible to generate random integers for up to 100 tickets at a time.

Get Lotto number generator.


All the random number generator extensions for Chrome that we tested worked great. When for whatever reason you need to generate a string of random numbers, then we suggest that you first try with Themis, because it worked great for us. Loto number generator is for you if you’re playing the lottery. Let us know which random number generator extension you think is the best in the comments down below.

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