5 Free Online PDF To ePub Converter Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free online PDF to ePub Converter. You can use these websites to convert your PDF files to ePub format and download them on your system.

As well as we all know, ePub format is widely used for eBooks. So, if you read books on some eBook Reader, then ePub files are very important for this task. In such cases, an online PDF to ePub converter can be very helpful. There are quite a few eBook readers that do not support PDF formats, and you have no option but to convert your files into ePub. Another advantage with an ePub file is that it gives you a better reading experience than a PDF file.

The 5 free online PDF to ePub converter included in this review are 2epub.com, ePubConverter.org, Kitpdf, Zamzar, and go4convert.com. 



2epub is a free online PDF to ePub converter with which I would like to begin this list. This is an easy to use website which is filled with some handy features. There is a 3 step process to convert files from PDF to ePub. The first step is to upload PDF files from your PC or copy the link of any PDF file available online. The size of the file cannot exceed 25MB.

Following this, the second step is make some changes to your PDF file. You can add Title and Author name that will appear in your converted ePub file. Finally, the last step is to download the converted files on your PC.

Try it out here.


online PDF to ePub converter

ePubConverter.org is the another free online PDF to ePub converter mentioned in this list. You can upload files in PDF format and download the converted ePub file in just one step. All you have to do is upload the file and hit the “Send file” button. Your file will automatically get converted in ePub format, and will be ready for download within seconds.

Other than this simple procedure, there are two important things to notice. First of them is, you can also convert Docx files into ePub, apart from PDF files. Secondly, the size of the uploaded file cannot be more than 5MB. This is the prescribed limit.

Try it out here.



Kitpdf is the third online PDF to ePub converter included in this list. A lot about this website can be judged from its name itself. This is not just a simple and plain PDF to ePub converter platform. It lets you do other things as well. There is a whole set of PDF tools that includes PDF to Txt converter, PDF to .mobi converter, and more. PDF to ePub converter is one such tool in this online kit.

Once you click the PDF to ePub tool, a new page will open up. Here, you can upload your PDF files and convert them into PDF. There is no specific limit mentioned by the website. Once uploaded, hit the turn to epub option and your file will be ready.

Try it out here.



Moving on, Zamzar is the next online PDF to ePub converter to convert your files easily. You have to follow a 4 step process that begins with uploading your PDF files. The size of the file cannot be more than 100Mb and you can upload files in batches. The website also has drag and drop feature which is a very exclusive addition. Secondly, you have to choose the format as the website supports a lot of format. In the third step, you have to mention your email id, as the website sends the download link of your converted files in your inbox. Finally, you just have to hit the convert button to start the automatic conversion.

Try it out here.



go4convert is the fifth and final online PDF to ePub converter included in this list. All you have to do is upload your PDF and sit back. The website automatically converts your file into ePub format and downloads it back on your system. You do not have to manually download the file. The only challenge on this website is to find the right tool of your choice. The website has multiple tools and ePub converter is one of them. The fact that the page is heavily supported by ads makes it a little more confusing. However, there is no denying that go4convert is an efficient platform to convert files.

Try it out here.

The fact that eBooks are growing rich in popularity will only increase the utility of such websites. So. try out all these above mentioned free online platforms and give us feedback in the comments section below.

You can also try out some PDF to ePub software like PDFMate PDF ConverterPageFlip PDF to ePub

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