5 Fancy Text Generator Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 fancy text generator apps for Android which you can use to create text with fancy effects, crazy looking fonts and insane decorations. Why would one want to create such a text? To beautify text chat messages, emails and everything else where you need to type in text into an input field because fancy text can be easily copied and pasted into text input fields.

Below are the apps that we found on Google Play store.

Stylish Text Free – Fancy Text

Android apps fancy text generator 1

Stylish Text Free generates dozens of different fancy text versions of the text that you type into the top input field.

It’s a very simple app where other than the input field at the top and the fancy conversions of that same text down below you don’t get anything else. To copy the fancy text that you like, just tap on the upwards facing arrow next to it. It’s copied to the clipboard right away after which you just need to paste it into the chat window, email message, etc. where you’d like to add a little bit more zest.

Get Stylish Text Free – Fancy Text or Read More.

Fancy Text For Chat

Android apps fancy text generator 2

Fancy Text For Chat works exactly the same like Stylish Text, only it has different effects for you to choose from.

Everything else is pretty much the same. Type in the text that you’d like to convert into “fancy text” and you’re gonna see it converted as it gets typed into the input field all the way at the top. To copy the fancy text that you like just tap on it and you’re done.

Get Fancy Text For Chat.

Fancy Text by Agarwal Jain

Android apps fancy text generator 3

Fancy Text app by Agarwal Jain adds a bit more functionality, more customizations to the fancy text that you’re generating.

For example you can choose which characters are gonna be used, font color (see image above) and font size. If you’re not interested in setting up your own fancy text style, presets are available, just like with the two previously mentioned apps.

Get Fancy Text.

Fun Fancy Text

Android apps fancy text generator 4

Fun Fancy Text is another simple fancy text generator app, that only generates pre-defined fancy text styles, which you cannot change.

The only different between Fun Fancy Text is that these are even more quirky. Notice the two flipped text styles which are great for turning a few heads, don’t you think?

Get Fun Fancy Text.

Fancy Text Generator

Android apps fancy text generator 5

Fancy Text Generator offers 4 different sets of fancy text presets and that’s it. We personally liked set number 3 because it’s the craziest.

To generate fancy text, just type it into the input box at the top and then select set number down below.

Get Fancy Text Generator.


Make sure to give Fancy Text by Agarwal Jain a try if you’re interested in customizing your fancy text. All the other work pretty much the same, the only thing that’s different are the fancy text presets. Pick one that you like and go with it. Leave comments down below with your suggestions of a great fancy text generator app and we’ll give it a try.

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