5 Free Websites To Try On Virtual Hairstyles

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to try on virtual hairstyles. These free websites let you try on various hairstyles and see which suits you the most, by uploading your own photo.

I am sure that we will all agree with the fact having a good haircut is a very important thing. Every time you are in a salon, you make it a point to direct your hair stylist to get you exactly the hairstyle you want (Personally, I am a hair stylist’s nightmare). These websites make the task simple for you and your hair stylist. You can try on different virtual hairstyles, and once you are satisfied, just show them the photo at salon and they’ll do it for you.

The 5 free websites to try on virtual hairstyles mentioned in this list are TAAZ, Virtual hairstyles, Daily makeover, instyle, and hairmixer.



The first website to try on virtual hairstyles is TAAZ. The website has a very simple three-step procedure, to try on various hairstyles available on the website. You can start by uploading your photo, do a little modification, and start trying on different hairstyles. The website functions quite smoothly and trying on different virtual hairstyles does not take much time. You can also save your picture with different hairstyles and share or mail it to your friends. There are a lot of models as well, on the website, if you do not wish to upload your own photo.

Try it out here.

Virtual Hairstyles:

Virtual Hairstyles

Virtual Hairstyles is the second website in this list. It is quite a popular virtual hairstyle website that lets you try different hairstyles and hair colors. It has features like resize your picture, increase or decrease the length of chosen hairstyle, resize the hairstyle according to your face, flip hairstyle, select a type of hairstyle, etc.

This free online virtual hairstyles website enables you to find the perfect hair style which you think suits your face the best. Once chosen, you can ask your stylist at the salon to give you the same haircut.

So, go ahead and try it out here.

Daily Makeover:

Daily Makeover

Daily Makeover is yet another stylish website to try on virtual hairstyles. The website has a beautiful looking interface that suits its content. You will find a great range of hairstyles on this website and they have been separated into categories to make things easy for you. You get the option of uploading your own photo and save or share it once you are done with the process and have chosen a hairstyle. The website has a very nice feature called ‘Play’. All the available hairstyle will automatically appear on your photo one by one.

Try it out here.



InStyle is the fourth virtual hairstyle website in this list. It is an excellent website that lets you get Hollywood stars like makeover. From celebrity hairstyle to eye makeup, the skin, you can try on almost everything related to your appearance, on this website. All you are required to do is upload your photo, and then browse through various celebrity hairstyles given on the website. You can try on the look of your favorite celebrity first and then try some others if you want. The website adds one new hairstyle every week. So, you will have something new every time you visit this website.

Try it out here.



The fifth and final website on this list is Hairmixer. This website works a little differently from the other websites mentioned in this list. You can begin by uploading a photo of your and it should fit the requirements of the website (to give you a good look of the hairstyles you try). After that, you can pick up a celebrity hairstyle, that will appear on the other side of your photo. Finally you can mix your face with the hairstyle and see how it looks. To make you feel like a celebrity, the website shows your picture with the new hairstyle on the cover page of a magazine.

Try it out here.

Try out these great virtual hairstyles website and find a great look for yourself.

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