Disney Stack Rabbit: Windows 8 Game To Help Bunny Collect Carrots

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Stack Rabbit is a Free Windows 8 puzzle game published by Disney. In this game, you need to help the bunny named Ben in collecting carrots to feed restless bunny children.

This Puzzle game is completely story driven. Ben steals carrots from farm. To collect carrots, you need to make a stack of at least 3 similar colored carrots. The farm is guarded by a dog named Max. While Max is sleeping, you need to collect allotted number of carrots to complete the level. If Max wakes up, then you have to protect Ben from Max while collecting carrots by running in the farm.

The game has many many levels to unlock. It has some power ups as well, which are unlocked after completing several levels.

The download size of this game app is around 46 MB only. Like any other Windows 8 game of Disney (like, Maleficent Free Fall, Toy Box) this game has great graphics and amazing sound effects.

Stack Rabbit

Gameplay Of Stack Rabbit Windows 8 Puzzle Game:

You can get free Stack Rabbit from Windows store by using the link given at the end of this review.

Stack Rabbit looks quite simple, but is very challenging. Ben, the hero of the game, is a carrots thieving bunny. His sister goes on a vocation leaving him to babysit her children. Now, he need to feed the restless babies so that he can enjoy as well. He plans to break into a nearby farm to steal some delicious carrots for the children. But the  farm is guarded by a dangerous dog, Max. Now, you need to help the Ben in stealing carrots by protecting him from Max, and making stacks of carrots.

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Lets find out how you need to help Ben so that you can collect enough carrots to feed the kids.

How to Play Stack Rabbit for Windows 8:

After launching the game, you will find a play button on the home screen. Click on the play button to get started.

Stack Rabbit-Home

After clicking play button, you will be redirected to a page from where you can choose the level. There are many levels to unlock.

Stack Rabbit-Levels

Choosing level will redirect you to the farm where you will find Max keeping an eye on the farm and Ben is hiding himself behind a board. When Max starts sleeping, Ben enters the farm.

Stack Rabbit-Game

You can see the target of the level on the left side of the screen (each level has different targets). You need to collect at least three similar colored carrots from farm. You are given a fixed number of matches for each level. Complete the level within the given number of matches.

Stack Rabbit-Collecting carrots

To collect carrots, move the bunny in the direction of the carrot. To move you can use mouse or you can use arrow keys from the keyboard.

The carrots are collected on the head of the Ben. When three or more similar colored carrots are stacked sequentially, they disappear. But avoid overloading  Ben with carrots, else the game is over.

Also unlock different power ups to make the game more interesting.

Stack Rabbit-Power Ups

The level is completed when you will collect the allotted goal of the level. But the levels are not that simple to complete. Max sleeps only for few minutes depending on the level. When he wakes up, he will start chasing Ben. Protect Ben from Max by running to every corner of the farm and collecting carrots as well.

The story mode of the game manages to keep you busy for hours. While completing levels, you will also get threatening mail in your mailbox from Max or mail from sister. The mails and the story driven levels add extra fun in the game.

Stack Rabbit-Max letter

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Stack Rabbit is an interesting puzzle game for Windows 8. The most interesting thing I find in this game is that the game is completely story driven. The different levels and power ups to unlock make this game more interesting. You should definitely try this game.

Get Stack Rabbit here.

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