Windows 8 Disney Game Based on Maleficent Movie: Maleficent Free Fall

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Maleficent Free Fall is a matching puzzle game for Windows 8, published by Disney. The theme of this game is based on the upcoming movie “Maleficent”. In this game, you need to match at least three similar colored jewels. The game has great graphics and amazing sound effects. It manages to keep you busy for hours.

In this matching game, you are given a target goal at the starting of every level. You need to match three or more similar colored gemstones to achieve the goal. Accomplish the target goal to unlock next level. There are many levels to unlock in this game.

Maleficent Free Fall-Home

Start the game from first chapter as young Maleficent. The young maleficent grows as the level of the game increases. Discover the story of Maleficent while traveling through the map. You can use the power-ups of Maleficent, like Green magic, Yellow magic to destroy same colored gemstones instantly. You can also unlock the different helpers of Maleficent to provide power-ups in the game: Raven and Diaval.

Gameplay of the Maleficent free fall matching game for Windows 8:

Maleficent free fall is an amazing matching puzzle game. The theme of this game is Maleficent movie. Play the game and travel through the map to discover the untold story of Maleficent. You need to accompany Maleficent in her revenge.

In this game, you will be provided a board with dark tiles. Each tile contains different colored movable gemstones. You need to match three or more similar colored tiles to achieve goal. Tap on any gem and slide it to make match. Once you light up the whole board and achieve the target points, the level is completed.

Maleficent Free Fall-Game

You need to complete one level to unlock next. You can also unlock many Maleficent’s power-ups in the game, like: Wing wind to remove gemstones from random tiles, Yellow magic to add five extra moves, etc.

Tips for the Maleficent free fall game:

  • Match four tiles to create gem power-ups.
  • Match five in a row to create special power.
  • Combine special power ups to create more power effect. To combine, simply swap the adjacent gem power ups.
  • If struck somewhere, use Maleficent’s power.

Getting started with Maleficent free fall Windows 8 puzzle game:

You can get Maleficent free fall game app from Windows store by using the link given at the end of this review.

After launching the app, you will find two options: Play and Menu.

Maleficent Free Fall Home Page

Click on Play to start the game. It will re-direct you to a map from where you can choose from unlocked chapter and level. Tap on any level to start the game.

Maleficent Free Fall-Chapters

At the starting of each level, you are given a target goal. In the beginning of every game you are provided a particular number of moves. You need to accomplish that target within provided number of moves to complete the level. However if you are out of moves, you can buy more moves using your collected points or you can use power-ups to add five extra moves.

Maleficent Free Fall-goal

Now you will get a board full of colorful shining gemstones. Each gemstone is placed on dark tiles. You need to light up the board by clearing gemstones. Gemstones can be popped by matching three or more similar colored stones.

You are given only particular number of moves for every level (number of moves depend on the level of the game).

Maleficent Free Fall-Game1

After achieving the target goal, Maleficent uses the remaining moves with her Green magic power to provide bonus points.

Maleficent Free Fall-Free Fall

You need to achieve the target goal to unlock next level and you need to unlock each level of chapter to unlock next one.

Maleficent Free Fall-Score

The unique feature of this game is that it has more than 10 power-ups to unlock. Unlock all power-ups to score more points in the game. You can use these power-ups when you are struck somewhere in the game.

The game has amazing sound effects. You can also turn the sound of from Menu option at the home screen of the app.

Maleficent Free Fall-Options

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Maleficent free fall is a Disney game and, like any other Disney game, it has amazing graphics and animation. The Maleficent theme and her different powers makes the game more interesting. If you love matching games like Candy Crush, then you will surely enjoy this game.

Get Maleficent free fall here.

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