Pirates Path: Windows 8 Matching Game With Pirates Theme

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Pirate’s Path is a free matching game for Windows 8. Games related to pirates are always fun. This game has a theme of pirates, but with a new concept. In this game, you don’t need to attack ships with guns or bombs. Instead, you need to find a treasure by solving a board of puzzle. The board contains many different objects related to pirates, like: hats, gun, bombs, etc.. You need to match at least three similar objects to find the treasure. Try to make as long path as you can to score high.

The game contains many different levels and sub-levels. Each sub-level contains different challenges. Each level provides different themes to make the game interesting. The game has great graphics and amazing sound effects as well.

Pirate’s Path is highly addictive and fun to play. And the best part of the game is that it lets you play in a story mode.

Pirates Path

Gameplay of Pirate’s Path matching game for Windows 8:

Pirates Path is quite easy to play, but still challenging. The objective of the game is very simple. In the beginning of every level, you will be given a goal. To complete that goal, you will be provided a board of puzzle. Each board contains many different objects, like: swords, guns, hats, etc. Make a chain of at least 3 similar objects. To make a chain, click on any one object and then drag it to another similar objects. Release to pop those objects.

Pirates Path-Make chain

Play and unlock many different and interesting levels. Each level has a different objective, which is described in the story dialog before you start playing. Each level has a time limit as well.

This game lets you play in story mode to keep you hooked for hours.

Pirates Path-Story

So make a chain, collect objects, and complete goals. Get bonuses for making longer chains, like: Gunpowder, Time, Double score, Bomb, Grapling hook, etc.

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Different options and levels to enjoy Pirate’s Path matching game:

You can get free Pirate’s Path game app from Windows store by using the link given at the end of this review.

After launching the app, you will find different options: Play and Volume control.

Pirates Path Home

Click on Play, to start your adventure to become a famous pirate.

After clicking on play, you will be redirected to a page of map from where you can choose your level (different areas for pirating). Each level has many sub-levels. If you are playing for the first time, then you need to start from Home Port Island (initial level). This is because before becoming a pirate, you need to collect objects to build/repair your ship.

Pirates Path- Level options

Click on the level button (Red colored button) to start playing.

You will be given a goal before starting the game. Click on OK to start playing.

Pirates Path-Levels

On clicking OK, you will be given a board of different objects. Make a chain of similar objects to achieve the goal. Try to make longer chains to get bonuses like: Gunpowder, Time, Double score, Bomb, Grapling hook, etc.

Pirates Path-Level 1 puzzle

Complete level to unlock next one.

Pirates Path- Level complete


Pirates Path is one of the most entertaining matching puzzle game, I have ever played. The crown jewel of the game is that each level has different objective and is story-driven. The different bonuses make the game more interesting. If you like matching game then you will surely enjoy this game.

Get Pirates Path game app here.

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