Free iPhone Puzzle Game To Help Rabbit On Farm: Stack Rabbit

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Stack Rabbit is a free puzzle game for iPhone in which you have to help Ben the rabbit in stealing vegetables from the farm. There is dog called Max who is guarding the farm and vegetables. You need to check that Ben doesn’t get caught by Max. You need to make a stack of at least 3 vegetables of same type, known as match, to steal the vegetables. The maximum number of matches allowed to complete a level are fixed so you also need to keep an eye on them. The game lets you connect your Facebook account with the game so that you can check your friends’ progress in the game.


Key Features Of This Puzzle Game for iPhone:

  • Free to download and use.
  • Help Ben The Rabbit in stealing vegetables from farm.
  • Prevent Ben from Max The Dog guarding the vegetables and farm.
  • Make stack of at least 3 same type of vegetables to collect and steal them.
  • Receive power ups like Crop Dusters, Bunny Cannons, and Lightning Veggies.
  • Link the game with your Facebook account to check your friend’s progress and the leaderboard.

Gameplay Of This iPhone Puzzle Game:

You can download the game from iTunes Store or by clicking on the link given at the end of this review. You have to play as Ben-the rabbit in this game. His sister has gone on a vacation after making him a babysitter for her bunnies. Now, it is the Ben’s responsibility to feed them. He thinks of stealing the vegetables from the farm but there is Max- the dog who is guarding the vegetables and farm all the time. You have to help the Ben in stealing all the vegetables and also make sure that he doesn’t get caught by the Max.

You can move Ben by swiping your finger in the direction in which you want Ben to move.

Stealing Vegetables

You have to make a stack of same types of vegetables before you can collect them. There should be at least 3 vegetables in the stack and each stack is called a match. You only have limited number of matches to make while stealing the vegetables.

The game starts with total 5 lives. You lose 1 life each time you fail to steal the vegetables in given limit of matches. If you have lost any or all the lives, then you have to wait for some time before you can regain them.

Level Cleared

During your journey of stealing the vegetables, you get to unlock new levels and also some interesting power-ups. These power-ups can really help you in those levels which are difficult to solve. Some of the power-ups are: Crop Dusters, Bunny Cannons, and Lightning Veggies. When you are clearing the levels, you will receive some threat letters sent by Max in which he will be warning you about not to steal vegetables.

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Final Verdict:

Stack Rabbit is a nice puzzle game for iPhone. The game has nice graphics and color combinations. The levels are also well-designed and arranged in such a way that each level tests your brain skills differently. If you love puzzle games and like to test your brain power, then do try this game.

Get the Stack Rabbit from here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Free/Paid: Free

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