LittlePainter: Free Open-Source Painting Software

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LittlePainter is free open-source painting software that lets you paint in an open and clean environment. This painting software comprises of simple and basic drawing tools and offers you multiple drawing canvas at a time. It provides you paint bucket to choose the color of your choice while painting and offers you an extraordinary rainbow effect along with the facility to apply texture. It lets you import images from your system so that you can choose the desired image and paint on the same. This painting software also lets you create a collage with the help of texture tool and lets you apply any color of your choice in the background with the help of color palette. It also lets you insert text while drawing and on the completion of the creations it saves the image in BMP, JPEG, PNG, and GIF format.

LittlePainter final image

Using LittlePainter, you can create many creative pictures and make them lively to use them in your projects, assignments, etc. It offers you various customizations options and lets you adjust the size of the brush as well as the canvas. It also provides you various keyboard shortcuts to speed up drawing.

It is simple and open source painting software that you’ll love to have on your systems. Come, let’s quickly checkout its features below.

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Features Of LittlePainter Free Painting Software:

  • Free open-source painting software.
  • Provides you multiple canvas and lets you work them at a time.
  • Offers you edit options like: Undo, Redo, Copy, and Paste.
  • Allows you to import any image from the computer.
  • Lets you customize the size of the canvas.
  • Provides you various drawing tools.
  • Lets you customize the size of the brush and opacity.
  • Provides you color palette and paint bucket.
  • Offers you gradient rectangle and rainbow effect.
  • Lets you insert text.
  • Provides you keyboard shortcuts.
  • Saves image in BMP, JPEG, PNG, and GIF format.
  • Compatible with Windows.

How To Use This Painting Software?

LittlePainter is a simple and clean painting software which can be grabbed from the link provided to you at the end of the article. You just need to download this zip file and extract to any desired folder on your system. Then just double-click the application file and click on Run. As soon as you do that a white drawing canvas appears in front of you where you can begin to draw. It offers you gradient rectangle effect using which you can create beautiful and artistic backgrounds. You can choose the color for the gradient rectangle using the color panel provided along with each color selection option.

LittlePainter main interface

This simple painting software provides you basic drawing tools like: simple brush, outlined and filled circles, rectangle and ellipse shapes, line, curve, paint bucket, and texture. It also provides you the facility to write text and at the same time lets you customize the size of the brush and the opacity. This painting tool offers you an extraordinary tool which is termed as toolStripButton1, which provides a beautiful rainbow effect whenever selected.

While drawing on one canvas you can opt to use another canvas and you can do this by clicking on “File” option and selecting “New” among the list. You can access these canvas by clicking on the button located between the minimize and close button.

This painting software offers you basic “Edit” options like: Undo, redo, copy, and paste.

LittlePainter save

Once you have completed the drawing, you can on the “File” option and save the image to any desired folder on your computer in BMP format. It also lets you save your image in JPEG, PNG, and GIF format. Checkout the image below.

LittlePainter final-image

My Verdict For LittlePainter:

LittlePainter is a free open-source painting software that provides you a clean and simple interface to paint conveniently. The insert text option is nonfunctional and no cropping feature is available. However, these limitations are quite trivial, and frankly I just love the rainbow option that it provides.

Grab LittlePainter from here!

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