Windows 8 Pinball Game: Pinball Star

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Pinball Star is a Windows 8 Pinball Game. It is a classic Pinball game which is otherwise not available by default in Windows 8. This Game allow you to play pinball on a global level, whereby your scores will be posted on the global leader board. The Game has 16 Missions to play, and if you play good, you would be able to achieve badges.

The good quality graphics and sound effects will ensure you have a great experience while playing this Pinball Game for Windows 8.

Pinball Star

Pinball Star is freely available in the Games category of the Windows store.

Playing this Windows 8 Pinball Game

As you land into the game, all the options for the game will be shown to you right on the main screen. You can change the settings of the game from this main screen. If you want to see how to play the game, you can check the controls option that is available here.

Pinball Star- Main menu

Check the high scores that are made by the players from over the world who are playing this game. This may be helpful for you so that you know how you have to perform. Now launch the game using the play option that is provided here.

As you launch the game, the pinball board will be shown to you, with your score displayed in a panel that will be displayed on the upper right side of the game interface. In this game, you just have to launch the ball, and with the help of the flippers that are present on the bottom of the board, you have to keep hitting the ball, stopping it from going out of the game area.

During the game you will be given three balls to play. Using these balls, you have to achieve the highest possible score, so as to achieve a better position on the global leader board.

Pinball Star- Game play

As the game begins, use the Space Bar key to launch the ball. As you press the Space Bar key, a power slider would appear on the game area. That power slider will define the impact with which the ball would be launched.

A number of elements like buttons are present on the board. When the ball hits these elements, more points will be awarded to you, and hence your score will increase.

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Key Features of Pinball Star Game for Windows 8:

  • This Windows 8 Pinball Game is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • The controls of the game are quite easy.
  • You get the ability to play classic Pinball Game, which otherwise is not available by default in Windows 8.
  • You get to compete globally.
  • 16 missions are available in the game.
  • For better performance, you will be provided achievement badges.
  • Good quality graphic and sound effects.

My Verdict on This Pinball App for Windows 8:

Pinball Star is a great Pinball Game. It is a must have if you are a fan of the classic Pinball game. You can compete  with players who are present globally. In addition to that, the good quality graphics and sound effects of the game will ensure that you spend hours playing.

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