Windows 8 Bubble Pop Game Free: Popping Bubbles

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Popping Bubbles, is a free Windows 8 bubble popping game. This is a very simple but fun Windows 8 game, where you have to pop as many bubbles as you can, before they are able to reach to the top of the screen and cross it. It’s not a twisted and neither gore game app like most of the actions games are. But it sure is a fun Windows 8 game app, that doesn’t has a single element of violence. In fact it’s a very simple but fast paced game app with a good gameplay.

The game has 3 different game modes based on the difficulty, that combine a total of 36 exciting levels. And completing each level rates you with 3 stars. So, play every single level, and complete them successfully to get all 3 stars.

Popping Bubbles - gameplay

Pop bubbles and score more in this Windows 8 bubble pop game:

To some, the game might sound very simple. But you shouldn’t go with the looks. In fact the game has one of the best gameplay. And if you really like to challenge yourself, or think yourself as a pro, then try playing in the Hard game mode. There is a big probability that you’ll miss at least 2 to 3 bubbles. Getting 3 stars in Hard game mode is really hard. And this is what that makes the game equally good for kids as well as adults. The game is very casual, and the game control is also quite easy. All you have to do is click on the bubbles (that float upwards in the screen) to make them pop. The more the number of bubbles you are able to pop, the more scores you’ll get, and at the end, like I said above, your performance gets rated against 3 stars.

Popping Bubbles - game result

Each game mode has it’s own set of levels. And you have to complete a level to move to next one. However, there’s no need to complete a mode first to go to next game mode. That is, you can jump to tougher game mode anytime. The Easy game mode is easiest to play, and Hard is most challenging. Everything in all 3 game modes is just the same, the only difference between the game modes is, in Easy game mode you’ll get less number of bubbles and most are slow or have moderate speed. But in Hard game mode, you’ll get multiple bubbles in the screen and lot many of them have fast or moderate speed. Hence making it hard for you to pop every single bubble.

Key features of this Windows 8 bubble pop game:

  • Good Windows 8 bubble pop game.
  • Three game modes based on difficulty.
  • Total of 36 levels to complete.
  • Good game play.
  • Easy controls.

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Final note:

Popping Bubbles, certainly is a good Windows 8 bubble pop game app. It’s easy, fun, lightweight, and challenging. Nothing is so complicated in it, but still it’s has got a good game play. All in all, a good casual game to play.

Download Popping Bubbles here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Free/Paid: Free

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