Free Strategy Game Online: Overhaul

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Overhaul is a free strategy game that you can play online on Armor games website. Protect your mining station by simply matching tiles and acquiring upgrades.

This is a simple match three or more similar tiles to create a higher module. You have to create a powerful wall that obstructs the intruders from destroying your mining station for a certain period of time. Play strategically and proceed to higher levels.
free strategy game ovehaul

Storyline Of Overhaul Free Strategy Game:

Your spacecraft is at halt due to some damages. Now it’s your mission to get minerals from mines on nearby planet; through a Spacemine. A Spacemine locates mines that are required for repairing your Spacecraft. Your job is to arrange the falling modules in such a way that, three or more than three combine to make a formation and become a powerful module. These modules are required for guarding your Spacemine. The different modules are: plasma, mines, antiair, wall, heal, and laser.

This game might look like a simple tile matching game, but you are put under pressure. The waves of enemies attack and your defense modules wall should be powerful enough to defend you Spacemine ship. After you survive every stage, you will be given upgrades to upgrade your modules or special powers. Don’t forget to upgrade because it keeps getting tougher.

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You also have special upgrades located below the gameplay screen as shown in above screenshot. One of them is to drop nuclear bombs on the attacking enemies. One is to freeze the enemies for some time. Another is to repair the modules. One upgrade is to relocate the blocks. At the bottom right you have options for pause, restart, mute, and menu options. Discover new abilities of the modules to attack the enemies before they destroy your Spacemine ship. You will be shown a map after each stage like the one shown in below screenshot. There only you get the option to upgrade.

The controls are also pretty simple, you just have to use the left click of the mouse in the game to match those tiles or modules. You can also use arrow keys to arrange the tiles like in Tetris games. But the falling of the modules takes some time to buffer. So, you have to manage that also.

overhaul map

The game graphics and sound effects are also as good as the game. You just have to manage the pressure of the incoming waves and create a strong wall. If you like to play some different 3D wall game on your PC then try: Against the Wall.

Click here to play Overhaul Online.

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