Free Portable Dropbox Client For Windows: DropboxPortableAHK

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DropboxPortableAHK is a free portable version of the Dropbox client for Windows. It can be installed on USB drives and then easily used on other computers, when you’re for example at work or when you’re visiting a friend. To use it you’re gonna have to go through a setup first, where you need to configure everything, and after that this free portable Dropbox client will work just like the real thing does.

DropboxPortableAHK free Dropbox client default window

First step of the welcome setup wizard can be seen in the image above. As you can see there are 9 steps through which you need to go to setup DropboxPortableAHK. Portable Dropbox syncing isn’t the only thing that you get. Several other features are found, like for example the User Application feature where you can setup applications to be activated before and after DropboxPortableAHK is run. This feature is useful if you want to encrypt newly added files to your Dropbox folder. You will need an external application for that, like for example True Crypt.

Some Interesting Features of this Free Portable Dropbox Client are:

  • Free and simple to setup portable Dropbox client, no installation.
  • Use it on USB flash drives for quick syncing of files from Dropbox.
  • Setup everything using a simple 9 step wizard for file setup.
  • It’s possible to import existing Dropbox folder.
  • Dropbox icon comes in 6 different colors for you to choose.

Having a portable version of Dropbox client basically means that you can easily start the client and sync files, download and upload them from your Dropbox folder on the run. Put both desktop client and the Dropbox folder that it will use on a USB stick or portable hard drive and quickly upload or download file updates on other computer without installing anything. Here are few tips on how to do that.

How to Setup this Portable Dropbox Client for Syncing Folders?

DropboxPortableAHK last step

Setting up this free portable client isn’t very difficult, just follow the instructions and eventually you’re gonna reach the last step. Select the icon that you want to use, connect to your Dropbox account and if everything goes well, you should see something like this:

DropboxPortableAHK completed

There should be a folder in the directory where setup took place. Because of this make sure that you run the setup wizard on the portable storage device where you want DropboxPortableAHK running. After installation completes, you’re gonna see the folder synced.


DropboxPortableAHK is a very useful tool which brings a whole new way of sharing files. It’s very small, a few megabytes in size, and once set up you won’t have to change anything when running it next time, even if it’s on another computer. All the configuration is saved in it’s local directory, and if you install it on a USB drive, simply unplug it, plug it in another computer and easily collect files from there by copying them to the portable Dropbox folder. Give it a try and see how easy it is to setup this free portable Dropbox client. You may add protection to Dropbox with Secured Cloud Protection and Crypt Cloud reviewed by us.

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