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Photivo is free image editor software which offers very strong features of good image editor software. In Photivo image editor software you can change the RGB (Red Green Blue), Contrast, Noise, EyeCandy, Local Edit and Geometry of the image in numerous ways. Photivo image editor supports a lot of file formats for the image editing,  which include RAW files of .arw, .bay, .bmg, .bmq, .cr2, .crw, and .cs1 format and Bitmap Images of .jpeg, .jpg, .tiff, .tif, .bmp, and .png formats. I have edited an image, cropped it, and I have applied the spot tuning effect on it. You can see below to get an idea of how the effect looks like.

How To Use Photivo Free Image Editor Software:

Get the Photivo image editor software (link provided at the end) and install it. There is no registration required.

After installing you will see the User Interface of Photivo. On the left you have the menu and options. On the middle you have the photo on which you will work. You can apply any of the effect from the menu options and you can scroll the menu using the move up and move down buttons. You can see the image below, to get an idea of how the user interface looks like.

The menu options you get are:

  • Camera – You can open an image file for editing here. In this option you have lots of supported formats.
  • RGB (Red Green Blue) – Here you can set the:
    • Brightness
    • Color intensity
    • Exposure and many more
  • Lab Color/Contrast – Here you can set the:
    • Shadow
    • Dynamic range compression
    • Texture contrast
    • Lightness contrast and many more
  • Lab sharpen/Noise – Here you can set the:
    • Defringe
    • Impulse noise reduction
    • Gradient sharpen
    • Unsharp mask
    • Film grain simulation and many more
  • Lab EyeCandy – Here you can set the:
    • Outline
    • Saturation curve
    • Hue curve
    • Color contrast
    • Tone adjustment
    • Saturation adjustment
    • Tone
    • Vignette and many more
  • EyeCandy – Here you can set the:
    • Simple tone
    • Cross processing
    • Sigmoidal contrast
    • Gradual blur
    • Softglow
    • Color intensity
    • R tone curve
    • G tone curve
    • B tone curve and many more
  • Local Edit – Here you can set the:
    • Spot Tuning
    • Maximum radius
    • Brightness/color ration
    • Threshold
    • Luminance Curve
    • Saturation
    • Adaptive Saturation
    • Color Shift
  • Geometry – Here you can set the:
    • Lens Parameters
    • chromatic Aberration
    • Lens Distortion
    • Defish
    • Rotation and Perspective
    • Crop
    • Resize and many more

You can also try the search option if you are not able to find any specific tool, I have tried it and it worked well. You can also select the values of specific tools, background image color in the settings. You can assign the tools as Hidden, Favorite, and normal. I have not tested all of the settings but can try it out for each tool.

Features Of Photivo:

  • Very strong image editing tools such as:
    • RGB tone settings
    • Lens Distortion
    • Saturation settings
    • Blur
    • Vignette and many more.
  • 8 bit bitmaps are transformed and processed with 16 bit for better image quality.
  • Works with large range of image formats.
  • No registration required.
  • Small size of the Photivo software.
  • No annoying toolbars.
  • Easy but powerful tools and clean user interface.

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Photivo image editor is great software to work on. However, the tools offered are so powerful that it might take some time to get familiar with them. Still the menu buttons are nicely placed and there is no confusion in understanding the functionality of them. However I did not like the black background as because of black background it is tough to see tiny buttons. The quality of the image after processing is really good, so based on strong features and zero price of Photivo, I would recommend you to try it out.

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