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qMakeTorrent is a free cross platform torrent creator. It can create torrents from files and folders. Batch torrent creation is available. Multiple folders from a certain directory can be converted into torrent files all at once. Torrent creation is very simple, and it only involves you going through a 5 step wizard. Everything is automated, you just need to click through the steps. Works on both Linux and Windows, and it should work on Mac.

First step of the torrent creation setup requires you to select the input path. This can either be a file or a folder. Batch mode check mark in the bottom left corner of the interface will only work when you select a directory.

qMakeTorrent default window

For batch conversion you’ll need to move all the folders for which you would like to create torrents into a single directory and then select that directory while placing a check mark next to Batch mode, like we did on the image above.

qMakeTorrent output location

In second step you just need to select where the output torrent file or files, if you’ve selected batch conversion, is going to be saved.

qMakeTorrent adding trackers

Third step allows you to add trackers and web seed to the torrent files that you’re creating. Trackers go in the upper text box, while web seeds go in bottom one. Several can be added, each new one goes into a new line. If you’re setting up DHT or PEX only torrents, you can leave these fields empty.

qMakeTorrent torrent propreties

Comments, piece size, symlinks, torrent privacy and modification times can all be setup in the fourth step of the setup. Go through all the options and when you’re ready click Next to reach the last and final step.

qMakeTorrent torrent created

The last step isn’t really a step, but more a report on how the torrent creation process went. If everything was setup properly, torrent file or files should be created in the output directory that you’ve specified. All that’s left now is to upload the torrent to your favorite torrent sharing site and spread the world. Some of the more interesting features of qMakeTorrent – free batch torrent creator are:

  • Portable – doesn’t require installation – the Windows version at least
  • Batch torrent creation – create multiple torrents from multiple folders
  • Supports the addition of trackers and web seeds to the torrents
  • Allows you to add comments, adjust piece size, symlinks, torrent privacy
  • Cross platform – works on all the major operating systems Linux, Windows


qMakeTorrent makes it very easy to create multiple torrents at the same time. Setup might be a bit odd at first, but you’ll get used to it with time. Despite of the fact that this is a very simple to use torrent creator, it offers a decent amount of options when it comes to setting up torrents, like you have seen from what we showed above. Wizard makes the setup very easy. Torrents were created very fast, even when conducting batch torrent creation. Of course if you selected a lot of folders it will last a bit longer, but it will be a lot faster than doing each file individually.

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Works With: Linux, Windows, Mac
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