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Resume Builder Online is a free online resume creator which you can use in order to setup a resume in just 4 simple steps. It offers a wizard-type resume creation process where you’re first asked for information about yourself, after that your resume is built, tweaking is possible. At the third step you can download the resume and from that point on you’re ready to go on a job hunting spree.

Resume Builder Online default widnow

Image above shows us one of the steps that you need to go through in order to create a resume online for free. Each step requires that you give information on a different part of a resume, starting from the basic things like your name and information to things like eduction, experience, certifications, special skills, and so on.

Key Features of Resume Builder Online are:

  • Free and simple to use, no need for registration of any kind.
  • Wizard-type resume creator, setup your resume by following a wizard.
  • Export the created resume as a TXT Notepad document.
  • Adds default text for your work objectives, can be edited.
  • Unlimited number of past job positions, education can be added.
  • Fast resume setup, we were done in just a few minutes.

Next to the free version of Resume Builder Online, whose features we’ve listed above, there’s also an option for upgrading and registering a paid account. Paid subscription allows you to export your resume to DOC, DOCX or PDF with formatting, with access to the Resume Builder’s online job search portal.

How to Setup and Create Resume Online for free with Resume Builder Online?

First step would be opening up the main website, which you can visit by clicking on the link down below. Click on the Start Here button, which you’re gonna be offered, and you will be presented with the first step of the resume setup wizard. This is where you need to enter your name, address, telephone, and all the other information. Next step is to enter education, the one after that additional certificates that you might have collected and so on.

Resume Builder Online exporting

On that step you don’t have to upgrade if you don’t want to, just click on the Skip and proceed to export links and download of your resume in TXT.

Resume Builder Online opened resume

Created resume can be opened and edited additionally in any text editor that can open up TXT documents. It’s probably best that you do that, to adjust the appearance of the resume to your liking.


Resume Builder Online is a very useful service which will allow you to easily create your resume online. Free service is more than enough for you to get something to work with. It might not be very impressive, but you can make it into an impressive resume by additionally editing the exported .txt document in a text editor. Adjust formatting and you’ll get yourself an amazing looking resume, which might give you edge in your quest for work. Click here to try Resume Builder Online.

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