Automatically Organize Files in Google Drive based on Rules: (No longer available)

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In this article, you will read about which helps you automatically organize files in Google Drive based on self-created rules.

Google Drive is the most popular online storage service provided by Google. Here, apart from the online transferring of documents from Gmail to Drive, you can easily upload the offline document for better accessibility anywhere and everywhere.

However, if you are big on organizing your disk space or storage space, you may have to regularly clean Google Drive, from the junk files and outdated files. Instead of regularly keep visiting Google Drive only to keep the files organized, you can use this application/plugin that can help you keep your files organized automatically using the self-defined rules in

Automatically Organize Files in Google Drive based on Rules:

Filemove is a free web application that can be integrated with Google Drive and help you organize the Google Drive files using self-created rules. You can add rules to the application and it automatically organizes the files by running all the files through the set rules. Let us see how you can use this application to your ease.

For this, you first must visit the website of the Filemove or directly click here to visit the website. You will be required to sign up for the service to move forward. After the signup, the web application will ask for accessing permission of editing, creating, and moving the files and folders in Google drive.


After this, you can start by creating the Rules to sort the files in Google drive. For this, one you can start by logging into the profile and then click on “add rule” on the profile homepage.

Add rule

There, you will be asked to “name the rule” and then define the conditions for the rule to execute. Before setting the conditions, you can also set if the rule is applied to whole Google Drive files or only to a certain number of files.

Name the rule

Here, you can create conditions in relation to name, file extension type, date, modified date, and others. The other option box lets you choose the conditions in relation to the previously chosen condition.

Set Condition 1


Set condition 2

For example, if you want to sort by name, then the next condition would ask you to choose if the name starts with a particular word or simply contain a similar word. Similarly, you can choose the file type, or the date as well.

Then after that, you can test if the particular condition works. This testing will not change anything in Google Drive.

Test result

The next step is to set what will be done to the chosen file. You can rename it, move it, or simply copy it to the other folders, as per your need. Choose the folder for the action and click on “save”.

Run rule

Then the rule will be created and click on “run” on the profile homepage will automatically sort the Google Drive files as per the conditions.

In brief

Filemove is a free web application that can help you sort the messed-up Google Drive files in a matter of seconds. You can also set the condition to either whole Google Drive or only in the subfolders, as per your requirement.

Try this web application here.

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