How To Auto Create A List of All the Subfolders of A Folder

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This tutorial explains how to automatically create a list of all the sub-folders of a folder. That simply means that you can create list of all the subfolders, folders of sub-folders, etc., of a parent folder. It can be done with the help of Command Prompt window and with a very simple command. The output is generated as a plain text file. Also, the output shows tree view structure of folders and sub-folders. Thus, it becomes very easy to find which subfolder is available in a particular folder and so on.

This can be very handy when you have stored MP3 tracks in different subfolders based on Artist Name, Albums, Year, and more. It is also helpful for professionals like programmers and other regular users. You can also use this to print list of folder and sub-folders.

list of subfolders of a parent folder

You can see the above screenshot where a tree view structure is visible of all the subfolders of a parent folder. This is a very small structure (just to give you an example), but you can generate the list of a huge number of subfolders including their parent folder.

How To Create A List of All Subfolders of A Parent Folder Using Command Prompt Window?

Step 1: Go to the folder which contains multiple subfolders. After that, press and hold Shift key → right-click the parent folder → and click on Open command window here option. This will open Command Prompt directly with the selected folder.

press shift and use right click option

Step 2: Enter the command: tree /A >”outputfilelocationandname.txt”. If you want to generate output file within the same directory, then your command would be: tree /A >filename.txt.

enter the command

Step 3: Press enter and that’s it! The output file is created. You can open and view it.

If you want to create the list of all the subfolders along with file names, then you can enter the command: dir /s >outputfilelocationandname.txt.

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The Verdict:

You must have felt the need of generating the list of all subfolders present in a particular folder many times. For the next time, you can take the help of this tutorial and generate the list in a plain text file. Those who are not so savvy using Command Prompt can also do this very easily. Just a simple command is all you have to execute to get the list of all subfolders of a folder.+

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