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Jottit is a free iPhone app to create notebooks to add all your checklists and notes in one single location. No more looking for separate apps for jotting down notes and checklists, as you can do both by creating separate notebooks using this app. All you need to do is add a new notebook and use it for either saving a note or checklist. That means, unlike other note taking apps for iPhone such as Pingpad, MyScript Memo, Swiftkey Note, and Paper, Jottit lets you create checklists along with taking notes and create tasks using the checklist items.

You can also bookmark important notes, set reminders for notes, and share them with others via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, and more. In addition to that, you can set due dates & reminders for checklist items and add related notes to each checklist item. Once you set a due date for any item, it will instantly get added to the tasks. For each task, you can add notes, set a due date, and reminder. Another useful feature of this app is that you can swipe a checklist item to either delete it or mark as complete/incomplete and swipe a task to set a due date or complete it.

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Note: To use additional features like Shelves, Bookmarks, Master Notebook (you can add both notes and checklists to a single notebook), and Style Notes, you need to purchase the paid version.

How to Create Notebooks to Add Checklists and Notes on iPhone:

Step 1: The user interface of this app is pretty intuitive and easy to use. You can simply open the app and start creating notebooks for your checklists and notes, as no registration is required. There will be 4 different tabs, one for all the notebooks, and others for tasks, bookmarks, and notes.

Step 2: On the main screen, select the “Notebooks” section and tap the “+” button at the top to create a new notebook. It will ask you to enter the notebook title and for what you want to create the notebook i.e; either for notes or checklists (adding both on a single notebook is a paid feature).

add notebook

Step 3: Once a notebook is created, simply tap it to start editing your checklist or jot down notes. Let’s say, you’ve selected notes while adding a notebook, then simply tap the notebook and use the edit icon to write your note. If you have chosen the checklist option, then select the notebook and tap the “+” icon to start adding checklist items.

add checklist

Step 4: To bookmark important notes, set reminders for notes, change font/size (in paid version), and share notes, simply go to the notes tab and tap the dot icon at the top. A popup will appear with all these options for any note you select. The notes for which you enable the Bookmark button will be visible on the “Bookmarks” tab.

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Step 5: If  you wish to add notes, set reminders and due dates for checklist items, then open the respective notebook and tap on any item a popup will appear with the due date, reminder, and add note options. Once you set a due date for any checklist item, it will be automatically added to the Tasks tab.

add due date

Step 6: Another useful and interesting feature of this app is the swipe gesture. You can simply swipe a task to complete it or set reminders for it. It also allows you to swipe a checklist item to delete or mark it as complete.

My Final Verdict:

Jottit is a free iPhone app that lets you create notebooks for storing all your checklists and notes. Personally, I like this app as you can add notes, tasks, and checklists in one single location, and without worrying about using separate apps. In addition to that, you can also set reminders for checklist items and note, set a due date for any checklist item, add notes to any item, and much more.

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