7 Websites to Find User Manuals of Anything Online Free

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Here are 7 free websites to find user manuals of almost anything online. These websites provide PDF manuals that you can read online or download to your PC, completely free. These websites have millions of manuals that you can search for! You can search for a manual by model number / part number of your product, or by brand name, or even by category of the product.

All of these websites do not have manuals for everything, but if you are looking for a hard to find manual, then there is a big possibility that atleast one of these websites might have that manual.

User Manual Websites

We have already talked about specialized search engines to search for things like programming courses, podcasts, and even people search engine! Today I am going to introduce you to user manuals search engines.


ManualsLib has the most comprehensive collection of User Manuals online amongst all the websites I was able to find. It has more than 2.5 million user manuals! It includes user manuals of close to 50,000 brands, divided across several categories. So, whatever be the user manual that you are looking for, there is a strong possibility that your search might end with ManualsLib.


This user manual search engine has a very simple interface. When you go to its website, you will see a search box, as you can see in the screenshot above. You can directly enter name of your product, or model number of the product, or its part number to find its manual. If you don’t know the model / product number, then you can also browse for manuals by brand name. It will show list of all the brands, and the categories of products for each brand.

This User Manual search engine provides user manuals in PDF form. You can either read the user manuals directly on this website, or you can download the PDF to your PC. You can even print the manuals online. It also lets you create a free account, which lets you store your own user manuals online.

All in all, definitely the best website to search for user manuals.


ManualsOnline is another free user manual search engine with a huge collection of user manuals. It has user manuals for more than 700,000 products. This is of course a lot less than ManualsLib, but still a huge number. Apart from user manuals, this website also has a support section where you can post specific problems related to your products. However, all the answers that I found had just the corresponding user manual as the answer, instead of answering that specific problem.


This website also has a simple interface, with a search box in which you can type the product name or model number for which you need the user manual. It lets you read user manuals online, or you can download user manual as PDF to your PC. It also lets you create free account to save your product details.


If somehow you are not able to find User manual that you are looking for in the above 2 websites, then you need to head over to SafeManuals. This website is also structured a lot like the above 2 websites. Just go to the homepage of this website and search for the user manual that you are looking for. It has more than 800,000 user manuals, spread across 6,000 brands and more than 650,000 products.


You can search for user manual by product name / number, brand name, product category etc. As is the case with above 2 websites, this one also provides user manuals in form of PDF. You can download the manual to your PC. It does not give an option to read user manual online. Additionally, you can also upload your own user manual.


All the websites that I mentioned above provide User Manuals for almost all categories of products. But if you are specifically looking for workshop manuals for cars, then head over to Workshop-Manuals. This website is a treasure trove of workshop manuals for most of the car brands and car models out there. You can find service and repair manuals for Audi, BMW, Acura, Toyota, Honda, GM, and almost every other brand that you know of. It also includes workshop manuals for some premium brands, like, Porsche.


This website does not have a search feature to directly search for service repair manual of a car. Instead, you need to start by clicking brand name of the car for which you want to see the workshop manual. After that, it will show all the cars of that brand for which it has service manuals. Just click on the car name to open the manual. Unlike previous websites, it does not let you download service repair manual as PDF. You can read the manual online. It gives a nice index for each manual, so that you can directly jump to the relevant page.

Manufacturer’s Website

If you are not able to find user manual of your product in the above websites, then you might want to head over to the website of the manufacturer of the product. A lot of manufacturers have support page where they provide user manuals for their product.


To find your manufacturer’s support website, your best option is to start with a Google search. Go the manufacturer’s website, provide your product details, and see all the support information that your manufacturer provides for that. Good manufacturers will provide everything ranging from user manuals, drivers, software downloads, common support questions, and even interactive guides.


UsersManualGuide is another free website to search for user manuals. However, the website looks quite old, and I don’t think it is regularly kept updated. I tried searching for user manuals for a couple of appliances, but wasn’t able to find them. But when I started browsing the website, I saw it has lots of user manuals, probably of older devices.


The navigation of this website is pretty bad. If you go to homepage of the website, you won’t be able to find any search box! It will just show a long list of brands and their product categories. If you click on any product category, you will be able to see all products under it, and magically you will also be able to see the search box. The link that I have added above directly takes you to a page where you can search for the user manual you are looking for. When (if) you are able to find the user manual, you can download that in PDF format. No option to read the manual online.


eserviceinfo.com is another very old website to search for user manuals. This one also has a very limited collection of user manuals (around 60,000, if I click on browse button on this website). Apart from user manuals, it also has datasheets, schematic diagrams, code calculators, service menu, etc.


I don’t think this website has manuals for any latest products, but it does seem to have manuals for older products. It lets you download manuals in form of PDF. In some cases, manuals are split in multiple parts and you will need to download all the parts and join them using a software like 7-zip.

Closing Words:

So, above are some nice websites that can help you find the user manual of your product which you have not been able to find anywhere else. If you are lucky enough, then the first 2 websites in this list might be able to end your search. If not, keep going through all these websites, you never know when you might find that elusive user manual.

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