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[Total: 1 Average: 3] is a free search engine to find programming courses and tutorials online. You can find coding courses and tutorials for any programming language of your interest like ASP.Net, Python, Javascript, Android app development, and many others. Basically, it will reduce your effort that you spend on Google, Bing, YouTube, etc to find useful resources to learn coding.

On this search engine, you can find programming courses from Microsoft, Harvard, GeeksforGeek, etc and YouTube.

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There are plenty of resources on the internet that can help you learn coding while playing games or learn specific programming languages like HTML, Javascript, etc. Finding some useful and quality resources to learn coding can be quite cumbersome as you have to do some Google search and then open every link in the search results to see if it contains some useful content or not. This problem is totally solved by this search engine i.e.

How to use this search engine to find programming course and tutorials online:

On the homepage of this search engine, you will see a large text box and a list of programming languages whose courses you can discover. The interface of homepage is shown in the screenshot above. To find a programming course or tutorial on a programming language, visit from the link at the end of this review and then type the programming language name in the search box. As per your typed keyword, the programming languages list is filtered and you can click on any language name to find its courses online. It will return a number of different results where you can find and learn the programming language of your choice. Click on any search results link to open the online coding resource in a new Chrome tab.

Other useful websites & resources to learn programming courses: edX, Khan Academy, KudVedant YouTube channel.

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In addition to being a search engine, it is also a community where you can submit external links related to programming courses and tutorials. Other community members can then upvote your submitted link which can then eventually move to the top of the search results. But in order to submit tutorial or courses link you have to register yourself on

Verdict: is a free search engine to find programming courses and tutorials online. On the basis of my personal experience with, I am quite sure that you will find the many useful resources where you can start learning the programming language of your interest. You can also check out its Android app to find coding tutorials and courses right on your Android phone on the go.


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