5 Free Websites To Learn HTML Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn HTML online. The websites contain well-organized lessons on HTML that are divided into categories according to levels. Along with providing lessons for HTML, these websites also provide you basic lessons on CSS, and more.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), as we all know, is the main language for creating web pages and other information displayed in a web browser. I have come up this list of websites, that if you follow properly and regularly, can help you learn this language for free. They contain tutorials, examples, quizzes, references to important articles, and much more. And if you want to practice your HTML skills online, you can use these online IDE.

The 5 website to learn HTML online, mentioned in this article are w3schools.com, HTML.net, codeacademy, learn.shayhowe, and HTML Dog.



The first website to learn HTML online is w3schools.com. This is a very interesting website that has a whole of tutorials and lessons you can learn from. The website has multiple tutorials on HTML, and some of the other languages. You can start with learning the basics of HTML and move forward slowly and steadily. You have the company of multiple examples and references to help you learn and understand lessons properly. The most interesting thing on this website is HTML quiz. After you have gone through the various lessons, you can take up this free quiz, that helps you to judge where exactly you stand.

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HTML net-learn HTML online

The second website to learn HTML online is HTML.net. This is a nice platform that provides you with lots of tutorials to learn the language. The lessons are well organised and contain rich information. This list of lessons on the website also includes lessons and tips on how to create your first website. Thus, the lessons are not only limited to teaching the language, but also on how to put that knowledge to effect. Apart from learning HTML, you can learn other languages as well, on this website.

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Moving on, another website to learn HTML online is Codeacademy. This website requires you to sign up for a free account to access all the content. It provides you lessons to learn HTML, CSS, and many other languages. This website is like a free online course where you learn the basics of HTML, how to create your own websites, and much more. There is an HTML glossary available for your help while going through the course. You can take up any course, and by the end of it, start working on your own project. The website also has an option to teach, if you wish to share your knowledge.

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In case you are wondering over the name of this website, let me clarify that Shay Howe is the name of the developer of the this website to learn HTML online. The website is like an eBook that includes all the lessons and examples you require to learn HTML and CSS. There are two different guides available on the home page: Beginners guide to learn HTML and Advanced guide to learn HTML. These guides provide you all the help in learning the language and building up your own websites.

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Another good website, and last in this, to learn HTML online is HTML Dog. This a very interesting website that provides you with lots of lessons to learn HTML. These lessons are divided into three different categories, as: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The beginner lessons include the basics of HTML, examples, links, images, and much more. As you keep moving forward, the lessons keep getting difficult and you get a good hold on the language. Different techniques to learn various aspects of the language are also available.

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All these websites mentioned above are a good source to learn HTML. So, try them out and start building your own website just by sitting at home.

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