4 Free Online Coding Games Websites to Learn While Playing

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This article talks about 4 free online coding games websites to learn while playing. We all know that learning programming can prove to be really boring and dull for many of us. At that time, we also think to stop learning programming, but what if I tell you that you can learn programming in a fun way. To be precise, while playing games. You might be thinking how it is possible. But don’t think too much because it is possible.

In this post, you will learn about 4 websites which let you learn coding while playing games. So, let’s get started.

1. CodeCombat:


The first online coding game website is CodeCombat. The website helps you to learn coding in following languages: Python, lo, Lua, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, and Clojure. You can choose to learn any of the languages and for all of them, you have to play games. The game has different levels with each of the levels being designed in such a way that you will learn to code in an easy way. Some of the games are Kitchgard Dungeon, Backwoods Forest, Sarven Desert, etc..

Kithgard Dungeon

On choosing the game, you have to clear the individual levels included in it. To clear each level, you have to complete certain objectives which you will achieve by coding in the specifics lines. All the games include demo and tutorials to help you complete the levels.

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2. Code.org:


The next website in the list is Code.org. The website includes various games and activities to help you learn coding while playing and having fun at the same time. For each of the activity, you can check the description, age group, supported platforms, and number of participants. If you’re a beginner, then there is a specific section for you named as Tutorials for Beginners.

Learn Anna and Elsa

Out of all the games, one game is Code with Anna and Elsa. In this game, you will learn coding while playing as the Frozen movie characters: Anna and Elsa. On the screen, you will see different objectives like making Elsa move, run, etc.. You have to complete all the objectives by coding. The website also helps you in deciding which line of code will appear where.

3. Coding Game:


Coding Game is the website which supports more than 20 programming languages which you can choose to learn while playing. It includes all the well-known languages like C, C#, C++, Java, Haskell, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.. You will get the game/activity to play on the basis of the programming language chosen by you. You can easily switch between different languages of your choice.

Learn PHP While Playing

As for performing the coding, there are 4 boxes: Code Editor, Console Output, Video Controller, and Test Cases. You have to type the code in Code Editor and you will see the corresponding out in Console output (text form) and Video controller (live demo). The Test Cases show the list of different activities which you have to perform in order to learn programming.

4. CodeMonkey:


CodeMonkey is the website which is focused on helping users learn basics of programming. In this website, you will find different challenges to complete. All the challenges require you to help a monkey reach the bananas. The main concept of the challenges remains same, but you have to perform different activities like move up, go back, go ahead, turn left, turn right, etc.. You also have to mention the number of steps monkey needs to take in order to grab the bananas. There’s a ruler which you have to use to measure the number of steps. On completing each challenge, you will get stars on the basis of your performance and the higher level of challenge will unlock.

These are the 4 free online coding games website to learn programming. Use the website offering the language you want to learn and start learning as you have fun simultaneously.

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