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CodeCombat is a handy online website that helps you to learn to code for different programming languages by simply playing a game. It provides code learning for JavaScript, Python, Io, Lua (Game scripting language), Clojure, and CoffeeScript. However, except JavaScript, game play of all other programming languages is in beta phase (which might be full of bugs). But for JavaScript, it’s a good platform to learn to code. I tried Python for two levels, it was working quite fine. You can also try for beta versions of these languages.

CodeCombat teaches you coding by playing a game. You have to write code for moving your player left/right/top/bottom, attack enemy, grab power, etc. The game has multiple levels. You can play levels without any sign up. But to save your codes for later use, you have to create a free account.

CodeCombat- learn to code by playing a game

In above screenshot, you could see at left side game play will start. At right side, you have to write code with the help of tutorial wizard.

We have also covered 5 websites to learn Java for you.

How To Learn To Learn Coding by Playing Game:

Go to the homepage of this website using the link placed at the end of this review. You will find 6 different languages for which you can learn coding. Choose any of those programming language.

Lets take example of learning JavaScript using this game.

Click on JAVASCRIPT option and select your efficiency level: campaign and multiplayer. Campaign is for beginners whereas Multiplayer is mainly for developers to play game with other people. Go for Campaign option to learn from beginning and play game solely.

select a programming language to learn coding

As soon as you have selected this option. A pop up box will open up. Here you can enter your wizardly name, can select clothes color, boots color, etc. Wizardly will guide you throughout the gameplay.

Now the real gameplay can be started. You will be provided the first level in which preset JavaScript commands will be given at right side. You need to follow the instructions. For example, if wizardly says you need to delete a particular line from the code, do it. When you have to move up to game, use “this.moveUp();“. For moving right, use “this.moveRight();” command, and more.

edit the preset code

Level will be finished by “this.attackNearbyEnemy();” command which will attack your enemy and kill it. Next level will be used to learn how to grab something (mushroom in game) and kill the enemy.

enter commands and player will respond

Level by level, you will be able to learn new commands. With good concentration, it will be an easy task for you to improve your programming skills.


CodeCombat could be very useful for beginners as well as for novice users. Even if you don’t have any idea about programming, you can learn basic coding, and improve your knowledge. Just you need to play game, follow the wizard, and complete levels.

Get CodeCombat free.

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