5 Websites to Learn Java

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Here are 5 websites to learn Java. Java is a programming language which is being used to develop various applications like gaming, mobile, ecommerce, media, etc. So we thought that we will cover some good websites which help you learn this language. The fact that I love this language has nothing to do with this article ;) .

All these websites offer you good tutorials with examples to help you learn Java. Let’s look at some websites which offer free tutorials for Java language.

Learn Java Online

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The first website on our list is Learn Java Online. I absolutely loved this website for the plain reason that the website is interactive. By interactive I mean they have a code window at the bottom of the homepage, where you can try out the examples or syntax you are learning. The output window next to the code window will show you the result of the program that you run. So in a way you can learn and practice at the same time, without downloading the Java Development Kit to run your programs. The topics have been divide into categories starting from the basics to advanced.

Try learn java online free.


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Udemy website to learn Java requires you to sign in or create an account to startup. You can either log in with your Facebook account or can go with the email option to signup. After signing up, you will be taken to your tutorial page. Here you will find short video tutorials for each topic. You can watch the videos to learn this programming language. In case you have any doubts or questions, you can post them in the discussions section of the website.

Try Udemy free.

Free Java Guide

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Free Java Guide is the third website on our list of websites to learn Java. The website offers you various tutorials to learn the basic concepts behind the programming language. This is a good website for beginners, who have little or no knowledge of Java or object oriented programming. The tutorial are divided into parts, starting from basics and continuing into more advanced modules. The website also has a section which helps you out with installation of Java, in case you would like to install and practice on your system.

Try Free Java Guide.

Java Beginner

javabeginner image

Java Beginner is the next website on our list. This website I would say is a very nice looking website. This website also provides you almost the same type of tutorials like the above websites. The tutorial are divided into categories like introduction, basics, so on and so forth. The tutorial cover all that you need to know to work with this programming language.

Try Java Beginner free.


jguru image

The last website in our list is jGuru for learning Java programming language. The homepage of the website lists the latest featured articles on Java alongwith latest tutorials. You can read these articles to gain knowledge of the lastest happening in this language. For reading tutorials you can go to the learn tab at the top of the website. This tab will take you to the tutorials page, from where you can start going through the topics of your choice. There is also a forum available on the website to discuss questions or doubts. You can also choose to receive the newsletter from the website with the latest updates.

Try jGuru free.

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