5 Music Streaming Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 music streaming apps for Android which you can use to stream music from your Android device. Not everyone can have a large music library, because most phones are limited in space, and therefore streaming music is a great way how you can have your cake and eat it to. Meaning you can have free storage while still enjoying music, provided you have a decent data plan or Wifi is available. Music streaming apps are also a great way how to find great new songs.

Here’s what we found.

YOUZEEK Free Music Streaming

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There are several ways how you can start listening to music when using YOUZEEK Free Music Streaming. You can search by author name, album name or song name. This will generate custom playlist that you can then listen.

Then you can browse music based on genre, country of origin, popularity, singer name and more. You can create account and create personalized playlists. App can be minimized and it can play in the background. Songs are fetched from various online sources and there’s over 30 million songs in the catalog.

Get YOUZEEK Free Music Streaming.

dBstream (Music Streaming)

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dBstream (Music Streaming) is a much simpler music streaming app than YOUZEEK. This can be seen by the fact that only a search input box is showed after running the app for the first time.

Here you just type in a song/author name and it will load up results down below. Results will show down below and they can be played right away or added to playlists. Swipe to the left in order to open up the playlist manager, where you can actually see all the created playlists and manage them.

Get dBstream (Music Streaming).

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Torch Music

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Torch Music offers a much more organized music streaming experience.

Both music streaming apps covered up until now have showed me a very disorganized list of results. Torch Music on the other hand showed neatly organized albums for the artist name I entered and all the songs were there. Various sources online sources are used, just like with the two previous apps.

Get Torch Music.

doubleTwist Player, Music Play

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doubleTwist Player is actually a standard music player, with a decent collection of radio stations from where you can stream music.

Radio stations are grouped in categories based on genre. With this music streaming app you can therefore enjoy in both music from the library and online music streaming.

Get doubleTwist Player, Music Play.

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TuneIn Radio

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We can’t have a list of music streaming app without mentioning one of the most popular radio station apps, TuneIn Radio.

TuneIn is a collection of thousands of radio stations from across the world. You can search for music based on artist name, song name, create radio favorites, and more.

Get TuneIn Radio.


Two apps are my favorites from the list of music streaming apps above. First is Torch Music, which has a great library of music that’s organized in a great way. Second one is TuneIn Radio, which has a large selection of radio stations that you can use to find new and interesting songs. Tell me what you think in comments down below.

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